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Price Katie: Jordan: Whole New World
Počet strán: 352
Väzba: iná / ostatná
EAN: 9780099497851
ISBN: 0099497859
Jordan: Whole New World ISBN:0099497859
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Jordan: Whole New World

Autor: Price Katie

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Bežná cena: 16,73 €
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O knihe: Katie Price reveals all about her passionate and whirlwind romance with Peter Andre. After more than her fair share of heartbreak, Katie has at last found true love and this time she knows it's for keeps. Physically and emotionally, she has met her match and there have been some dramatic changes in her life as a result. Gone are the outrageous party girl antics, instead meet Katie as you have never seen her before - a woman in love . .. with no barriers. She talks about how Peter proposed, why they kept her pregnancy with Junior a secret for five months, and she reveals what it felt like to be the celebrity bride of the decade. But behind the fairy tale, Katie talks about her heartache over her son Harvey's continuing ill health and her own struggle to cope after the birth of her son, Junior. She talk, too, about how hard she has found it coming to terms with Pete's past relationships. .. Her book is by turns funny, moving, disarmingly honest and utterly frank. This is the one celebrity of the year that will give you the no holds barred truth from the woman who always speaks her mind.

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