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Wolff Laetitia: Massin
Počet strán: 208
Väzba: tvrdá
EAN: 9780714848112
Jazyk: anglický
ISBN: 978-0714848112
Rok vydania originálu: 2007
Vydavateľstvo: Phaidon
Massin ISBN:978-0714848112
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Autor: Wolff Laetitia

Naša cena: 70,21 
Bežná cena: 74,69 €
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O knihe: Robert Massin (b. 1925) is a highly influential French graphic designer and writer. He has worked with many famous authors and playwrights, including Eugène Ionesco, Blaise Cendrars, and Raymond Queneau, and for twenty years has been the art director for the pre-eminent French publisher Gallimard. This is the first monograph published in English on the work of Massin, one of the key exponents in the development of post-war graphic design. Wolff charts Massin's wide-ranging career with detailed discussion of some of his most inventive and exciting projects, including the award-winning THE BALD PRIMA DONNA (1964) and LETTER AND IMAGE (1970). Wolff carried out her research in close collaboration with Massin, gaining unrivaled access to the Massin collection in Chartres as well as the designer's personal archives. MASSIN includes preparatory sketches, letters, and finished works, photographed especially for this book.

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