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Coben Harlan: One False Move
Počet strán: 340
Väzba: iná / ostatná
EAN: 9780752849171
ISBN: 0-75284-917-4
Dátum vydania: 2. marca 2009
One False Move ISBN:0-75284-917-4
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One False Move

Autor: Coben Harlan

Naša cena: 6,80 
Bežná cena: 7,23 €
Zľava 6%

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O knihe: She's smart, beautiful, and she doesn't need a man to look after her. But sports agent Myron Bolitar has come into her lifebig time. Now Myron's next move may be his last. Brenda Slaughter is no damsel in distress. Myron Bolitar is no bodyguard. Bu

t Myron has agreed to protect the bright, strong, beautiful basketball star. And he's about to find out if he's man enough to unravel the tragic riddle of her life. Twenty years before, Brenda's mother deserted her. And just as Brenda is making it

to the top of the women's pro basketball world, her father disappears too. A big-time New York sports agent with a foundering love life, Myron has a professional interest in Brenda. Then a personal one. But between them isn't just the difference in t

heir backgrounds or the color of their skin. Between them is a chasm of corruption and lies, a vicious young mafioso on the make, and one secret that some people are dying to keepand others are killing to protect. .. . "Must reading. .. Combines Chandl

er's wry wit with Ross Macdonald's moral complexity. " -- Philadelphia Inquirer

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