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Gemmell David: Troy
Počet strán: 474
Väzba: tvrdá
EAN: 9780593052198
Pôvodný názov: Troy-Lord of the sliver bow
ISBN: 0-593-05219-6
Dátum vydania: 1. augusta 2009
Číslo vydania: 2
Rok vydania originálu: 2005
Vydavateľstvo: Slovart
Orig. vydavateľstvo: Bantam Dell
Rozmery: 4 cm x 15,5 cm x 24 cm
Troy ISBN:0-593-05219-6
0 5 0 0


Autor: Gemmell David

Naša cena: 26,49 
Bežná cena: 28,18 €
Zľava 6%

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O knihe: Troy: city of gold and heroes, beloved of the gods, where wealth, privilege and rapacious greed walk hand in hand, and where the greatest of tragedies is about to unfold. Helikaon, prince of Dardania, sets sail for Troy. On board his ship, the largest in the Aegean Sea, but regarded by many as dangerously unseaworthy, is his trusted friend and sea-captain Zidantas. Also aboard are a young, impressionable youth who has never been to sea, and a deadly Mykene warrior, intent on revenge. Their journey to the fabled city will encompass storm and near shipwreck, personal tragedy and a bloody sea-battle whose bloody aftermath will haunt Helikaon and his companions for the rest of their voyage. Helikaon will also meet his old friend and master-storyteller, Odysseus, and fall in love with a woman as beautiful as a goddess. But when he arrives in Troy — a city riven by the destructive rivalries of King Priam’s younger sons —he finds a city ready to implode, and, with nearby enemy kingdoms eyeing the city’s riches, he knows a terrible war cannot be long in coming. In Lord of the Silver Bow, David Gemmell has created a compelling fantasy — the first in an epic trilogy encompassing the Trojan War — combining vivid characterization and stunning action with a wealth of historical detail. From the Trade Paperback edition.

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