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Healey Matthew: What Is Branding
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EAN: 9782940361458
Jazyk: anglický
What Is Branding ISBN:
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What Is Branding

Autor: Healey Matthew

Naša cena: 29,61 
Bežná cena: 31,50 €
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O knihe: It is an exciting time for branding. As everything becomes global, good branding becomes more crucial. "What is Branding?" Is an accessible guide that makes sense of this complex subject. It explores the process of branding, and shares insights that

can be applied to practical challenges. Outlining the components of branding (positioning, storytelling, design, price, and relationships), what it can be applied to, and what it can achieve, "What is Branding?" Will help ensure the success of brandi

ng for any product, service, person, or place. Case studies included in the international portfolio of campaigns explain what makes them work, why they matter, and what can be learnt from them. Analysis focuses both on design know-how and on theory,

looking at how professionals wrestle with abstract notions of perception, culture, and love while at the same time solving the nuts-and-bolts problems of package design, sign making, and web technology.

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