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Antonia Clare: Total English: Advanced Workbook and CD-Rom Pack
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EAN: 9781405822596
Jazyk: anglický
ISBN: 1405822597
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Total English: Advanced Workbook and CD-Rom Pack

Autor: Antonia Clare

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O knihe: Based on Common European Framework (CEF) 'can do' objectives, Total English is the ideal choice for teachers who want a well-organised course with clear learning aims and a wide range of authentic supplementary material. Every level has loads of t

eacher support material, an exciting DVD with authentic clips from film and TV, and a 'catch up' CD-ROM with extra practice for students who miss lessons.

What's special about Total English?

It's easy for you to plan lessons and measure your students

' progress using the logically structured lessons with 'can do' objectives

Your students will get lots of grammar and vocabulary practice which is all thoroughly reinforced in the 'Reference' and 'Review' sections at the end of each unit

You can easi

ly encourage your students to have good study habits with the Lifelong learning boxes

If your students miss a lesson they can use the innovative 'catch up' CD-ROM that has lots of extra practice material

You can bring the real world into the classroo

m using the DVDs that feature authentic extracts from film and TV

Teacher Support

Teach rich, varied lessons using the Teacher's Book with thorough teaching notes, photocopiable activities and DVD worksheets

Get all the test material you could ever n

eed using the Test Master CD-ROM, with fully editable tests for all stages of the course

Add more variety to the course using the Companion Website with photocopiables and webquests for every unit

Total English portfolio available for all levels of t

he series

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