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Hans Werner Holzwarth

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  • Autor: Hans Werner Holzwarth, Eleanor Nairne


    Vydavateľstvo: Taschen
    Dátum vydania: 7. septembra 2020
    Jazyk: anglický
    Dostupnosť: Posielame do 5 až 21 dní
    Bežná cena: 24,95 €
    Vaša cena: 23,70 
    The legend of Jean-Michel Basquiat is as strong as ever. Synonymous with 1980s New York, the artist first appeared in the late 1970s under the tag SAMO, spraying caustic comments and fragmented poems on the walls of the city. He appeared as part of a thriving underground scene of visual arts and graffiti, hip hop, post-punk, and DIY filmmaking, which met … Zobraziť viac info ►
  • Autor: Hans Werner Holzwarth, Thérese Crémieux

    Francoise Gilot - Three Travel Sketchbooks: Venice, India, Senegal

    Vydavateľstvo: Taschen
    Dátum vydania: 1. októbra 2018
    Jazyk: anglický
    Dostupnosť: Vypredané v e-shope
    Bežná cena: 150,00 €
    Vaša cena: 142,50 
    Bon Voyage Fran oise Gilot's travel sketchbooks Three facsimile editions of Fran oise Gilot's travel sketchbooks, made between 1974 and 1981, combine the distinct atmospheres of Venice, India, and Senegal with Gilot's abstract figuration. Packaged in a fold-out box set, the sketchbooks are accompanied by an illustrated booklet which gathers an insightful … Zobraziť viac info ►
  • Autor: Hans Werner Holzwarth

    Albert Oehlen

    Vydavateľstvo: Taschen
    Dátum vydania: 6. marca 2018
    Jazyk: anglický
    Dostupnosť: Posielame do 5 až 21 dní
    Bežná cena: 74,95 €
    Vaša cena: 71,20 
    The paintings of Albert Oehlen live by audacious strategies, by questioning the image and the rules of abstraction, and by an openness and beauty often reached through the unlikeliest of means. In this expansive monograph, we meet the full range of Oehlen's artistic thoughts and approaches paintings that integrate mirrors, paintings that are executed strictly … Zobraziť viac info ►
Black Friday: zľavy do -80%

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