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Chris Naunton

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  • Autor: Chris Naunton

    Searching for the Lost Tombs of Egypt

    Vydavateľstvo: Thames & Hudson
    Dátum vydania: 25. júla 2019
    Jazyk: anglický
    Dostupnosť: Posielame do 5 až 21 dní
    Bežná cena: 16,50 €
    Vaša cena: 15,68 
    Where are the tombs of Alexander the Great or Cleopatra? Both rulers were buried in Egypt, but their tombs have never been found despite years of intensive research and excavation. Yet we have tantalizing clues. Searching for the Lost Tombs of Egypt describes the quest for these and other great `missing' tombs - those we know existed, but which have not yet … Zobraziť viac info ►
  • Autor: Chris Naunton

    Egyptologists’ Notebooks

    Vydavateľstvo: Thames & Hudson
    Dátum vydania: 1. októbra 2020
    Jazyk: anglický
    Dostupnosť: Vypredané v e-shope
    Bežná cena: 39,95 €
    Vaša cena: 37,95 
    For centuries the beguiling ancient ruins of Egypt have provided an endless source of fascination for explorers, antiquarians, treasure hunters and archaeologists. All, from the very earliest travellers, were entranced by the beauty and majesty of the landscape: the remains of tombs cut into the natural rock of hillsides and the temples and cities gently consumed … Zobraziť viac info ►