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Adam Roberts

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  • Autor: Adam Roberts

    Dragon with Girl Tattoo

    Vydavateľstvo: Orion Publishing
    Dátum vydania: 18. novembra 2010
    Jazyk: anglický
    Dostupnosť: Vypredané v e-shope
    Bežná cena: 9,95 €
    Vaša cena: 9,45 
    Lizbreath Salamander is young and beautiful. Her scales have an iridescent sheen, her wings arch proudly, her breath has a tang of sulfur. And on her back a tattoo of a mythical creature: a girl. But when Lizbreath is drawn into a dark conspiracy she will have to rely on more than her beauty and her vicious claws the size of sabres … Zobraziť viac info ►
  • Autor: Adam Roberts

    Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea

    Vydavateľstvo: Gollancz
    Dátum vydania: 1. mája 2014
    Jazyk: anglický
    Dostupnosť: Vypredané v e-shope
    Bežná cena: 21,50 €
    Vaša cena: 20,43 
    It is 1958 and France's first nuclear submarine, Plongeur, leaves port for the first of its sea trials. On board, gathered together for the first time, one of the navy's most experienced captains and a tiny skeleton crew of sailors, engineers and scientists. The Plongeur makes her first dive and goes down, and down and down. .. Out of control, the submarine … Zobraziť viac info ►
  • Autor: Adam Roberts

    Secrets of the Best Chefs

    Vydavateľstvo: Artisan
    Dátum vydania: 13. novembra 2012
    Jazyk: anglický
    Dostupnosť: Vypredané v e-shope
    Bežná cena: 31,00 €
    Vaša cena: 29,45 
    Some people say you can only learn to cook by doing. So Adam Roberts, creator of the award-winning blog The Amateur Gourmet, set out to cook in 50 of America's best kitchens to figure out how any average Joe or Jane can cook like a seasoned pro. From Alice Waters's garden to Jose Andres's home kitchen, it was a journey peppered with rock-star chefs … Zobraziť viac info ►