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Kolektív autorov: Airport Design
Počet strán: 325
Väzba: tvrdá
EAN: 9783937718323
ISBN: 3-937718-32-X
Vydavateľstvo: Daab
Rozmery: 180 cm x 235 cm x 40 cm

Airport Design

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O knihe: Airports are highly appealing places. Gateways to the big wide world, they represent international movement and inspire travel. Spielberg´s film, "The Terminal" shows the full fascination these places exercise. The boom in international air travel of recent years has resulted in a vast number of new airport buildings – a real challenge for architects. Passenger-flows must be watched, journey times shortened, high standards of security maintained, and many different needs catered for – all under one roof. These pages show you not only real terminals but also airport-specific design and architecture – from VIP lounges to passenger routes, from control towers to hangars and airplane museums. Pulling together airports from all over the world, this book presents a full picture of airport buildings built in the last few years. It also peers behind the scenes into new design plans, revealing ideas that are waiting to happen. As well as visions that may or may not be realized, the book shows many projects which will definitely take shape in the near future. About 35 new designed airports of the last 3 -5 years will be shown in alphabetical order to architects and designers. Plans will be added if available. Index with contact dates.

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