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Frank Ferrand, Hugh Jonson, Jean-Paul Kauffman: Bordeauw Chateaux
Väzba: iná / ostatná
EAN: 9782080301215
Jazyk: anglický
Rok vydania originálu: 200910
Vydavateľstvo:  Editions Flammarion

Bordeauw Chateaux

Naša cena: 27,21 
Bežná cena: 28,95 €
Zľava 6%

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O knihe: A historical tour of the wine châteaux that established Bordeaux as the worlds benchmark for red wine. The greatest red wines in the world are produced in the Médoc region within Bordeauxs wine country. Their peerless quality was awarded official recognition through the 1855 classification, which marked the birth of a noble heritage celebrating the glory of outstanding wines. This is a voyage of discovery to these exceptional estates, richly illustrated with photographs specially commissioned for the book. Old charterhouses, quaint follies, and emblematic castles are scattered throughout this huge expanse of vineyards. Their oft-overlooked wineries stand to the side or behind these stunning properties, and belie the meticulous and magical work that they shelter, where a long line of elite winemakers fastidiously watch over the laborious wine-making tradition that has defined these exceptional wines for more than 150 years. A châteaus history can be a riveting saga butwhether simple or complexit invariably demonstrates that the splendor of great Bordeaux wines resides not in eccentricity, but in perfect balance. This new edition of a best-selling Flammarion classic is now offered as an attractively-priced paperback edition that has been updated with additional tasting notes for the wine harvests since 2005.

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