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Derek Bok: Politics of Happiness
Počet strán: 272
Väzba: tvrdá
EAN: 9780691144894
Jazyk: anglický
ISBN: 9780691144894
Dátum vydania: 1. februára 2010
Vydavateľstvo:  Princeton University Press
Rozmery: 2,3 cm x 15,2 cm x 22,9 cm

Politics of Happiness

Autor: Derek Bok

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O knihe: During the past forty years, thousands of studies have been carried out on the subject of happiness. Some have explored the levels of happiness or dissatisfaction associated with typical daily activities, such as working, seeing friends, or doing hou

sehold chores. Others have tried to determine the extent to which income, family, religion, and other factors are associated with the satisfaction people feel about their lives. The Gallup organization has begun conducting global surveys of happiness

, and several countries are considering publishing periodic reports on the growth or decline of happiness among their people. One nation, tiny Bhutan, has actually made "Gross National Happiness" the central aim of its domestic policy. How might happ

iness research affect government policy in the United States--and beyond? InThe Politics of Happiness, former Harvard president Derek Bok examines how governments could use happiness research in a variety of policy areas to increase well-being and im

prove the quality of life for all their citizens. Bok first describes the principal findings of happiness researchers. He considers how reliable the results appear to be and whether they deserve to be taken into account in devising government policies

. Recognizing both the strengths and weaknesses of happiness research, Bok looks at the policy implications for economic growth, equality, retirement, unemployment, health care, mental illness, family programs, education, and government quality, amon

g other subjects. Timely and incisive,The Politics of Happinesssheds light on what makes people happy and the vital role government policy could play in fostering satisfaction and well-being.

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