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Emma Hardy: Sewing for Children

Počet strán: 128

Väzba: mäkká, brožovaná

EAN: 9781782494621

Jazyk: anglický

ISBN: 1782494626

Dátum vydania: 13. júna 2017

Vydavateľstvo:  Ryland Peters & Small

Orig. vydavateľstvo: 

Rozmery: 1 cm x 22,8 cm x 23,5 cm

Sewing for Children

Autor: Emma Hardy

Posielame do 42 dní

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O knihe: Teach your child to sew with this amazing step-by-step guide, filled with 35 fun and easy projects!

Suitable for ages 3 and above, Sewing for Children is full of projects that are specially designed to help children learn to sew. Split into five sections, there are projects for every child and every occasion! Jump into the first chapter, `Animals & Other Creatures', and learn how to make all sorts of wild creatures, such as a Wise Old Owl and Sock Monsters! Then, move on to the second section, `Pretty Playthings', and perfect the art of making Mice & Toadstools, Felt Cupcakes and all sorts of fashionable items for a Rag Doll. The `Fashion Fun' chapter is filled with stylish designs and know-how so that you can Embroider Jeans, Applique T-Shirts and even create a Yo-yo Necklace! `Bags, Books & Bedroom Bits 'n' Pieces' provides ample inspiration for bedroom furnishings, including a Tote Bag, a Cardigan Pencil Case and a gorgeous Applique Cushion. Finally, Emma Hardy will take you through some amazing dressing-up projects in `Dressing Up Time'! Morph into a pirate with a Pirate Hat & Patch, or into a fairy with your very own Fairy Wings! Complete with easy-to-follow photography, children will be guided through each project step-by-step, helping little ones learn and have fun at the same time!

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