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Osobný odber: 995 miest na Slovensku
Anne-Sophie Pic: Scook: The Complete Cookery Guide

Počet strán: 416

Väzba: tvrdá

EAN: 9781909342873

Jazyk: anglický

ISBN: 978-19-0934-287-3

Dátum vydania: 16. apríla 2015

Vydavateľstvo:  Jacqui Small LLP

Orig. vydavateľstvo: 

Rozmery: 3,6 cm x 23,8 cm x 28,6 cm

Scook: The Complete Cookery Guide

Autor: Anne-Sophie Pic

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O knihe: A sumptuous collection of over 100 recipes allowing us to discover the wonders of extraordinary French cooking in the comfort of our own homes. With the aim of teaching those who wish to learn, Anne-Sophie Pic imparts her own wisdom, as well as that she has inherited from one of the most renowned cooking dynasties in France, into each and every dish. With sections dedicated to welcoming guests, everyday recipes, recipes for children, classic dishes and homemade meals, each recipe guides you clearly through the different processes with easy-to-follow instructions. In addition to a range of tips and tricks throughout the collection, there are 40 step-by-step guides to overcoming even the trickiest of techniques, all fully photographed so that you can see how each method is performed. Scook is about making even the most exquisite of recipes accessible to everyone so it can be enjoyed by cooks of all levels. Whether you wish to create a simple supper for the whole family, an elegant main course showstopper for your dinner party or a delicious French classic, there is something for everyone whatever your cooking ability.

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