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Kolektív autorov: Robots - Spaceships and other Tin Toys
Počet strán: 349
Väzba: iná / ostatná
EAN: 9783822850626
Jazyk: anglický
ISBN: 3822850624
Vydavateľstvo:  Taschen
Orig. vydavateľstvo: 
Robots - Spaceships and other Tin Toys ISBN:3822850624
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Robots - Spaceships and other Tin Toys

Naša cena: 10,86 
Bežná cena: 11,55 €
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O knihe: Now that computer games have come to stay, tin toys have become obsolete for today's children. For those of us who remember them from times past, these tin toys can transport us back to our childhoods&894 they call up a vision of a time we thought we had already forgotten. They also bear witness to history&894 they have survived wars and crises, and tell us something of the fashions, colors and tendencies of their times. This book will be of special interest to anyone fascinated by early space travel and technology, those who simply want to wax nostalgic about a bygone era of their youth, and of course to collectors and fans of 50s and 60s tin toys. The roots of today's toys can be seen in these precursors, notably in the early transformer robots. Taken from collector Teruhisa Kitahara's vast collection, which is on display in many museums in Japan, the tin toys featured here are quite rare and give a wonderful overview of this era in the history of toys. A must for any toy lover!

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