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Saturnin (ITA)

Slavný humoristický román Zdeňka Jirotky navazuje na tradici českého humoru a autory, jakými byli J. Hašek, K. Čapek nebo K. Poláček, zároveň je zde také patrná inspirace anglosaskou humoristickou prózou J. K. Jeroma a P. G. Wodehouse. Humor, a především satira a parodie, jsou podstatnou součástí české literatury, Jirotka subverzivně využívá různé literární formy i žánry: od romantického čtení pro ženy a dobrodružné kovbojky pro chlapce až po zcela zlidovělé formy umění. Saturnin je příběhem zamilovaného mladého muže a jeho věrného sluhy Saturnina, sluhy, který mění zaběhnuté pořádky a obrací svému pánovi život naruby, připravuje mu výstřední životní situace a svérázně se dokáže vyrovnat s jakoukoli situací. Saturnin svým působením odhaluje slabosti druhých, a tak odkrývá jejich „pravou“ tvář – je sluhou, ale svým konáním si dokáže podmanit své okolí, které na jeho hru chtě nechtě přistupuje… Román Saturnin vyšel poprvé v roce 1942 za nacistické okupace a od té doby se dočkal více než dvaceti čtyř vydání v českém jazyce a byl přeložen do mnoha světových jazyků. Román se dočkal filmového i televizního zpracování a od svého vzniku se stále znovu objevuje také jako divadelní představení.V italském jazyce vychází ve třetím, upraveném vydání.
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Armenian Diaspora in Dynamics

This publication is devoted to the analysis of historical experience and modern trends in the development of Armenians in some countries, to determine the prospects for methodological developments in their study. It consists of three parts. The first part concerns to the methodological problems of studying the Diaspora and includes articles that examine the principles of resource analysis of Diasporas, as well analysis of integration and relationships with the homeland and social involvement. The second part presents studies of the modern Armenian communities of Kuwait, Belarus, Czech Republic, Lebanon, and Cyprus, which refer to specific research issues. The third part is a historical excursus of the past of the Armenian communities of Medieval Europe, Constantinople of the 10th century, and an analysis on the cultural heritage of the Armenians of Turkey and Iran created over a thousand years.
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I was not Born for Quiet

Thanks to Janko Kráľ, as John Minahane has written, the Váh is Slovakia’s most mystical river. Again and again the poet returns to his community via that flagship poem of Slovak romanticism, The Enchanted Maiden in the Váh and Odd Johnny. Characteristic in Kráľ’s poetry is his focus on the inward side of events and stories, turned inside out, since one has to turn one’s clothing inside out/ and leap in the middle of the Váh. By this means, metaphysical space is opened. There the spirit is so blended together with reality that it becomes possible to break the spell on the maiden (motherland) in the river Lethe, which is life’s inverted clepsydra. Time always freshly poses the question, which young man wants to give body to his thought. And what unwinds from that is not only a defiant faith in the mission of poetry, but also Janko Kráľ’s courage to stand up for the language and national rights of Slovaks in 1848. To give the time a face where our identity is mirrored. To this day we do not know exactly how Janko Kráľ looked in reality. Using the surviving descriptions of Kráľ’s appearance, he therefore created a metaphysical portrait with the digital tool Metahuman Creator, which is designed for creating figures for video games. Subsequently he placed this virtual figure in a contemporary context, in the form of manipulated photographs from the mass media.
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Plant Magick. The Library of Esoterica

The fourth volume in The Library of Esoterica explores the historic roots of plants in myth and magickal practices. Through essays, interviews, and more than 400 images — from ancient Egyptian stonework to Victorian botanical art, to contemporary works celebrating nature — Plant Magick chronicles the symbiotic relationship between plants and people.
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Maybe Now

The long-awaited finale to the New York Times bestselling Maybe Someday series returns with all the characters you fell in love with.What is more important? Friendship, loyalty, or love?Ridge and Sydney are thrilled to finally be together guilt-free. But as the two of them navigate this freedom, Warren and Bridgette's relationship is as tumultuous as ever, and Maggie grapples with her illness. When she comes across an old list of things she wanted to do "maybe one of these days," Maggie decides to live life to the fullest and accomplish these dreams. Maggie keeps Ridge updated on her adventures, but he can't help but worry, even as Sydney grows more and more suspicious about their friendship. But if she's going to move past this jealousy, she'll need to reconcile how she and Ridge came together with the fact that Maggie will always be in their lives somehow...or end up walking away from the man she loves so much. Featuring new songs by Griffin Peterson, this emotive and satisfying finale proves that maybe someday might be right now.
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It Starts with US

Before It Ends with Us, it started with Atlas. Colleen Hoover tells fan favourite Atlas' side of the story and shares what comes next in this long-anticipated sequel to the #1 Sunday Times bestseller It Ends with Us.

Twisted Lies

Discover the addictive world of the Twisted series from TikTok sensation, Ana Huang! He'll do anything to have her... including lie. Charming, deadly and smart enough to hide it, Christian Harper is a monster dressed in the perfectly tailored suits of a gentleman. He has little use for morals and even less use for love, but he can't deny the strange pull he feels toward the woman living just one floor below him. She's the object of his darkest desires, the only puzzle he can't solve. And when the opportunity to get closer to her arises, he breaks his own rules to offer her a deal she can't refuse. Every monster has their weakness. She's his. His obsession. His addiction. His only exception. *** Sweet, shy and introverted despite her social media fame, Stella Alonso is a romantic who keeps her heart in a cage. Between her two jobs, she has little time or desire for a relationship. But when a threat from her past drives her into the arms - and house - of the most dangerous man she's ever met, she's tempted to let herself feel something for the first time in a long time. Because despite Christian's cold nature, he makes her feel everything when she's with him. Passionate. Protected. Truly wanted. Theirs is a love twisted with secrets and tainted by lies... and when the truths are finally revealed, they could shatter everything. Twisted Lies is a steamy fake dating romance. It's the fourth and final book in the Twisted series but can be read as a standalone. Warning: The story contains explicit content, violence, profanity, and topics that may be sensitive to some readers. Please see inside the book for a detailed list.
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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

What if your past hid a secret on which your own family's future depends? What might you do to find it? One night Jen watches helplessly as her teenage son kills a stranger. In seconds her world is torn apart. Why did this happen? Who is her son? Falling deep into her family's past, Jen seeks answers - answers she hopes can somehow save her son.
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Mad about You

Pre-order now! The brilliant new romcom from the bestselling author of mega-hit, Last Night Two strangers. One big coincidence. Driving each other crazy is just the beginning... Harriet Hatley is running away from everything. Getting married. Her boyfriend's family. Her past. A dream house-share seems like the perfect place to hide, but her unlikely housemate Cal is no stranger to running away himself. And he's also hiding secrets of his own... Can these two take a crazy risk, face the past and finally find a reason to stay?

Hummingbird Salamander

A speculative thriller about the end of all things, set in the Pacific Northwest. A harrowing descent into a secret world. Security consultant and former wrestler 'Jane Smith' receives an envelope with a key to a storage unit that holds a taxidermied hummingbird and clues leading her to a taxidermied salamander. Silvina, the dead woman who left the note, is a reputed ecoterrorist and the daughter of an Argentine industrialist. By taking the hummingbird from the storage unit, Jane sets in motion a series of events that quickly spin beyond her control. Soon, Jane and her family are in danger, with few allies to help her make sense of the true scope of the peril. Is the only way to safety to follow in Silvina's footsteps? Is it too late to stop? As she desperately seeks answers about why Silvina contacted her, time is running out-for her and possibly for the world. Hummingbird Salamander is Jeff VanderMeer at his brilliant, cinematic best, wrapping profound questions about climate change, identity, and the world we live in into a tightly plotted thriller full of unexpected twists and elaborate conspiracy.
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There is so much to be afraid of in our current moment: climate catastrophe, the rise of a new fascism, a virus that has reshaped the way we live. But something better is possible. We can choose to turn away from an uncaring world and instead build a world where we stand compassionately as one. In Together, award-winning political thinker, author and poet, Ece Temelkuran provides an inspiring manifesto for change, reveals fresh possibilities for the better world we might want to live in, and gives us a new vocabulary for the political action that the 21st century asks of humankind.
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With This Kiss

If you knew how your love story ends, would you dare to begin? From the outside, Lorelai is an ordinary young woman with a normal life. She loves reading, she works at the local cinema and she adores living with her best friend. But she carries a painful burden, something she's kept hidden for years; whenever she kisses someone on the lips, she sees how they are going to die. Lorelai has never known if she's seeing what was always meant to be, or if her kiss is the thing that decides their destiny. And so, she hasn't kissed anyone since she was eighteen. Then she meets Grayson. Sweet, clever, funny Grayson. And for the first time in years she yearns for a man's kiss. But she can't...or can she? And if she does, should she try to intervene and change what she sees? Spellbinding, magical and utterly original, With This Kiss is one love story you will never forget.
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Beren and Luthien

Painstakingly restored from Tolkien's manuscripts and presented for the first time as a continuous and standalone story, the epic tale of Beren and Luthien will reunite fans of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings with Elves and Men, Dwarves and Orcs and the rich landscape and creatures unique to Tolkien's Middle-earth. The tale of Beren and Luthien was, or became, an essential element in the evolution of The Silmarillion, the myths and legends of the First Age of the World conceived by J.R.R. Tolkien. Returning from France and the battle of the Somme at the end of 1916, he wrote the tale in the following year. Essential to the story, and never changed, is the fate that shadowed the love of Beren and Luthien: for Beren was a mortal man, but Luthien was an immortal Elf. Her father, a great Elvish lord, in deep opposition to Beren, imposed on him an impossible task that he must perform before he might wed Luthien. This is the kernel of the legend; and it leads to the supremely heroic attempt of Beren and Luthien together to rob the greatest of all evil beings, Melkor, called Morgoth, the Black Enemy, of a Silmaril. In this book Christopher Tolkien has attempted to extract the story of Beren and Luthien from the comprehensive work in which it was embedded; but that story was itself changing as it developed new associations within the larger history. To show something of the process whereby this legend of Middle-earth evolved over the years, he has told the story in his father's own words by giving, first, its original form, and then passages in prose and verse from later texts that illustrate the narrative as it changed. Presented together for the first time, they reveal aspects of the story, both in event and in narrative immediacy, that were afterwards lost.
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Just Work

From Kim Scott, author of the revolutionary New York Times bestseller Radical Candor, comes Just Work: How to Confront Bias, Prejudice and Bullying to Build a Culture of Inclusivity - that will help you recognize, attack and eliminate workplace injustice - and transform our careers and organizations in the process. We - all of us - consistently exclude, underestimate and under-utilize huge numbers of people in the workforce even as we include, overestimate and promote others, often beyond their level of competence. Not only is this immoral and unjust, it's bad for business. Just Work is the solution. Just Work by Kim Scott reveals a practical framework for both respecting everyone's individuality and collaborating effectively. This is the essential guide leaders and their employees need to create more just workplaces and establish new norms of collaboration and respect.

The Fine Print

Rowan I'm in the business of creating fairy tales. Theme parks. Production companies. Five-star hotels. Everything could be all mine if I renovated Dreamland. My initial idea of hiring Zahra was good in theory, but then I kissed her. Things spiraled out of control once I texted her using an alias. By the time I realized where I went wrong, it was too late. People like me don't get happy endings. Not when we're destined to ruin them. Zahra After submitting a drunk proposal criticizing Dreamland's most expensive ride, I should have been fired. Instead, Rowan Kane offered me a dream job. The catch? I had to work for the most difficult boss I'd ever met. Rowan was rude and completely off-limits, but my heart didn't care. At least not until I discovered his secret. It was time to teach the billionaire that money couldn't fix everything. Especially not us. The Fine Print is the first book in a series of spicy standalone novels featuring three billionaire brothers.
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Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?

Pre-order your copy of Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? Drawing on years of experience as a clinical psychologist, online sensation Dr Julie Smith shares all the tools you need to get through life's ups and downs. Filled with secrets from the therapy room, this is a must-have handbook for optimising your mental health. Dr Julie's simple but expert advice and powerful coping techniques will help you stay resilient no matter what life throws your way. Written in short, bite-sized entries, you can turn straight to the section you need depending on the challenge you're facing - and immediately find the appropriate tools to help. From managing anxiety, dealing with criticism or battling low mood, to building self-confidence, finding motivation or learning to forgive yourself, this book tackles the everyday issues that affect us all and offers easy, practical solutions that might just change your life.
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Pinocchiova dobrodružství / The Adventures of Pinocchio

Jazyková úroveň A1-A2. Podle příběhu Carla Collodiho. Kniha Pinocchiova dobrodružství, původně vydaná v roce 1883, je příběhem chudého loutkáře Geppetta, který z očarovaného kusu dřeva vyřeže marionetu. Pinocchio však loutkou být nechce. Přidejte se k němu a uvidíte, jestli mu jeho nos, který povyroste s každou vyslovenou lží, pomůže stát se lepší loutkou. Nebo snad skutečným chlapcem?
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Četba pro začátečníky - Black Beauty

Jazyková úroveň A1-A2. Podle příběhu Anny Sewell. Román Anny Sewell, poprvé vydaný v roce 1877, je jednou z nejoblíbenějších dětských knih, která kdy byla napsána. Popisuje svět očima hezkého a milého koně. Černý krasavec vypráví příběhy ze svého idylického mládí, kdy jako hříbě pobíhal na lukách anglické farmy, stejně jako o strádání a krutosti, kterými trpěl v rukou člověka, než našel šťastný domov.
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Zrcadlová četba - Heidi, děvčátko z hor (A1 - A2)

Jazyková úroveň A1-A2. Podle příběhu Johanny Spyri. Když malá Heidi osiří, je poslána do Alp žít se svým podivínským dědečkem. Život v horách si zamiluje, hraje si na slunci a vyrůstá obklopená čistou přírodou. Její život se ale náhle změní, když je přinucena žít ve městě. Heidi si tam najde novou kamarádku, ale po životě v horách se jí začne stýskat. Dokáže najít cestu zpátky tam, kam patří?
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Ak nie ste stratení v preklade a jazyk sa vám nepletie ani v angličtine, nemčine, češtine, francúzštine, španielčine, maďarčine či ruštine - potom ste v tej správnej sekcii nášho eshopu. Vyberte si z kníh v originálnom jazyku, či ich rôzne jazykové mutácie. Na výber máte Harry Potter v angličtine, Games of Thrones, nemecký Vinnetou, či Der Kleine Prinz,...  

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