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neuvedený: Canada (Eyewitness Travel Guide)
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Canada (Eyewitness Travel Guide) ISBN:1405327375
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Canada (Eyewitness Travel Guide)

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O knihe: Skiing in the Rockies, whale watching off Newfoundland, eating dim sum in Vancouver, or enjoying steak frites in Montreal - Canada offers an enormous diversity of attractions for visitors. The national parks are just as amazing as those in the USA, while the major cities rival European capitals for their nightlife, music, dance, shopping and theatre. The DK Eyewitness Travel Guide" is packed with useful tips and sumptuous photography, ensuring you experience the best this incredible country has on offer. Full-colour maps, city plans, thematic tours and walks enable you to explore the regions in depth whilst 3D cutaways and models of all the major sights from the Art Gallery of Ontario to the Royal British Colombia Museum provide detailed insight into the most worthy attractions. Whether you are enjoying the scenery of Niagra, taking in the view from Toronto's CN tower, or devouring a Lobster platter in Quebec City, enjoy spectacular Canada with the "Eyewitness Travel Guide". "

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