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Cole Drusilla: Textiles Now
Počet strán: 272
Väzba: iná / ostatná
EAN: 9781856695725
Jazyk: anglický
Textiles Now ISBN:
0 5 0 0

Textiles Now

Autor: Cole Drusilla

Na otázku
Naša cena: 28,05 
Bežná cena: 29,84 €
Zľava 6%

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O knihe: "Textiles Now" celebrates international contemporary textile design. Focusing on fabric and fiber designs from the past five years that have been created for use in decorative art, fashion and interior design. Lavishly illustrated with photographs showing the textiles and, where appropriate, their end use in context. Clear captions provide information on the contributing artists, their techniques and inspirations, enabling a deeper critical understanding and appreciation of the medium. Organized into three sections embracing constructed textiles, dyed, painted and printed textiles, and stitched and mixed-media textiles, the images are arranged to make an impressive visual statement. The book includes over 400 images from around 100 textile and fiber artists ranging from new graduates to experienced practitioners, making it an indispensable reference for anyone with a passion for textiles - whether student, professional or hobbyist. It will also appeal to those with an interest in color and pattern, including wartists and graphic designers.

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