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Depeche Mode


Various - Music For Constructions (A Tribute To Depeche Mode) 2CD

Tracklist: CD 1 1. I Feel You - MONO INC 2. It's No Good - MajorVoice 3. Black Celebration - Crematory 4. The Bottom Line - Beyond Obsession 5. Insight - Vainerz 6. Photographic - Blind Passenger 80s Express Feat. Nigel Wheeler 7. In Your Memory - Love? 8. Behind The Wheel - Darknes On Demand 9. Stripped - Evo-Lution 10. In Your Room - Julian Shah Taylor 11. Lie To Me - Psyche 12. To Have And To Hold -Any Second feat. Iggi 13. Heaven - Scheuber & 14. Ice Machine - Electronic Frequency 15. Sister Of Night - Strangelove The Depeche Mode Experience CD 2 1. Ice Machine - Heimataerde 2. Get The Balance Right- Plastic Noise Experience 3. Nodisco - ADkeY 4. But Not Tonight- The Promise 5. Blasphemous Rumors - Psychic Force, The 6. Black Celebration (2021 Poly Gore Remix) - DMK 7. Rush - Mauricio Tamblay 8. Things You Said - Superikone feat. Puppekopp 9. Where's The Revolution - Monsmeg 10. Waiting For The Night - Blue Forge 11. My Secred Garden - Stage Of Theed 12. World In My Eyes - White Noise TV 13. The Sun And The Rainfall - Ha[a]rp 14. The Bottom Line - District13 15. Fly On The Windscreen - Twilight-Images 16. But Not Tonight - Diarblack
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Depeche Mode - Playing The Angel: 10EP Vinyl

The chronological 12" singles box set release series continues with the Playing The Angel album, which spawned the singles "Precious", "A Pain That I'm Used To", "Suffer Well" , "John The Revelator" and "The Darkest Star".Playing The Angel shows the world's greatest synthpop band at the peak of their powers still, 25 years into their career. A dark and raw album, with massive hit singles that still appear frequently at their live shows. "Precious" in particular has become a fan favorite, ranking among the most beautiful songs the band has ever released.The final 12" vinyl in the box is a newly compiled collection of promo tracks.Tracklist: LP11. Precious (Sasha's Spooky Mix - Full Length) 2. Precious (Sasha's Gargantuan Vocal Mix - Full Length)LP21. Precious (Misc. Full Vocal Mix) 2. Precious (Michael Mayer Balearic Mix) 3. Precious (Motor Remix) 4. Precious (Misc. Crunch Mix)LP31. A Pain That I'm Used To (Jacques Lu Cont Remix) 2. A Pain That I'm Used To (Jacques Lu Cont Dub)LP41. A Pain That I'm Used To (Bitstream Threshold Mix) 2. A Pain That I'm Used To (Bitstream Spansule Mix)LP51. Suffer Well (Tiga Remix) 2. Suffer Well (Tiga Dub) 3. Suffer Well (Narcotic Thrust Vocal Dub)LP61. Suffer Well (Metope Remix) 2. Suffer Well (Metope Vocal Remix) 3. Suffer Well (M83 Remix) 4. Better Days (Basteroid 'Dance is Gone' Vocal Mix)LP71. The Darkest Star (Holden Remix) 2. The Darkest Star (Holden Dub)LP81. John the Revelator ('Dave is In the Disco' Tiefschwarz Remix 2. John the Revelator (Tiefschwarz Dub) 3. Lilian (Chab Dub)LP91. John the Revelator (Murk Mode Dub) 2. John the Revelator (Boosta Club Remix) 3. Lilian (Chab Vocal Remix)LP101. Free 2. Better Days 3. Newborn 4. John the Revelator (Single Version) 5. Lilian (Single Version) 6. Precious (Michael Mayer Ambient Mix) 7. Suffer Well (Alter Ego Remix) 8. Lilian (Robag Wruhme Slomoschen Kikker) 9. A Pain That I'm Used To (Goldfrapp Remix) 10. A Pain That I'm Used To (Telex Remix)
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Depeche Mode - The Best Of Vol. 1 CD

1. Personal Jesus 2. Just Can't Get Enough 3. Everything Counts 4. Enjoy The Silence 5. Shake The Disease 6. See You 7. It's No Good 8. Strangelove 9. Suffer Well 10. Dream On 11. People Are People 12. Martyr 13. Walking In My Shoes 14. I Feel You 15. Precious 16. Master And Servant 17. New Life 18. Never Let Me Down Again
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Depeche Mode - Music For The Masses CD

6.album (1987)Dave Gahan – lead vocals Martin Gore – keyboards, vocals, guitars Andy Fletcher – keyboards Alan Wilder – keyboards1. Never Let Me Down Again 2. The Things You Said 3. Strangelove 4. Sacred 5. Little 15 6. Behind the Wheel 7. I Want You Now 8. To Have and to Hold 9. Nothing 10. Pimpf
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Depeche Mode - Video Singles Collection 3DVD

Depeche Mode's Video Singles Collection, the Iconic Group's First-Ever Career-Spanning Anthology of Groundbreaking Music Films, to be Released by SONY Music Entertainment on November 18Definitive Depeche Mode Video Library Presents the Group's Original Music Video Singles--from 1981 to 2013--in a 3DVD DigiPakDepeche Mode's Video Singles Collection -- the definitive 3DVD library anthology containing more than four hours of the post-punk pioneers' groundbreaking music videos (and two-plus hours of audio commentary) -- will be released by SONY Music Entertainment on November 18, 2016.Video Singles Collection is the first official Depeche Mode archival title to be released under the SONY imprimatur since SME acquired rights to the DM catalog in July 2015."We're pleased and honored to be releasing Depeche Mode's Video Singles Collection, an essential addition to the band's recently licensed catalog documenting their lasting contributions to music video history," said Richard Story, President Commercial Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment.The 3DVD set presents more than three decades worth of Depeche Mode's international hit singles as lensed for the group's mind-blowing progression of innovative and provocative music videos directed by a who's who of cinematic visionaries including Julien Temple, Anton Corbijn, D.A. Pennebaker, John Hillcoat and others.Throughout Depeche Mode's career, the group has placed an essential emphasis on the quality of their videos, collaborating with world-class directors and crews on some of the most influential and powerful short films in music video history."Videos have always played an essential part in how we wanted to present Depeche Mode's music to the world," agreed the members of the band. "It's been amazing to go back and relive all the experiences and memories these videos evoke after all these years. It's incredible to have all our videos finally together in one place and we're hoping our fans enjoy this journey through time as much as we did."Video Singles Collection is the first in a series of band-approved retrospective projects examining Depeche Mode's extraordinary career and effect on pop culture and marks the first time that DM's video singles--from 1981 to 2013--have been compiled together in a single anthology.The set includes 55 newly restored versions of the essential video singles in the DM canon in addition to four rare alternate videos and new commentary on specific individual clips, recorded by members of Depeche Mode especially for this release.Depeche Mode - Video Singles Collection Featured VideosJust Can't Get Enough (directed by Clive Richardson) See You (directed by Julien Temple) The Meaning Of Love (directed by Julien Temple) Leave In Silence (directed by Julien Temple) Get The Balance Right (directed by Kevin Hewitt) Everything Counts (directed by Clive Richardson) Love, In Itself (directed by Clive Richardson) People Are People (directed by Clive Richardson) Master And Servant (directed by Clive Richardson) Blasphemous Rumours (directed by Clive Richardson) Somebody (directed by Clive Richardson) Shake The Disease (directed by Peter Care) It's Called A Heart (directed by Peter Care) Stripped (directed by Peter Care) But Not Tonight (directed by Tamra Davis) A Question Of Lust (directed by Clive Richardson) A Question Of Time (directed by Anton Corbijn) Strangelove (directed by Anton Corbijn) Never Let Me Down Again (directed by Anton Corbijn) Behind The Wheel (directed by Anton Corbijn) Little 15 (directed by Martyn Atkins) Strangelove '88 (directed by Martyn Atkins) Everything Counts (Live - from "101") (directed by D.A. Pennebaker) Personal Jesus (directed by Anton Corbijn) Enjoy The Silence (directed by Anton Corbijn) Policy Of Truth (directed by Anton Corbijn) World In My Eyes (directed by Anton Corbijn) I Feel You (directed by Anton Corbijn) Walking In My Shoes (directed by Anton Corbijn) Condemnation (Paris Mix) (directed by Anton Corbijn) One Caress (directed by Kevin Kerslake) In Your Room (directed by Anton Corbijn) Barrel Of A Gun (directed by Anton Corbijn) It's No Good (directed by Anton Corbijn) Home (directed by Steven Green) Useless (directed by Anton Corbijn) Only When I Lose Myself (directed by Brian Griffin) Dream On (directed by Stephane Sednaoui) I Feel Loved (directed by John Hillcoat) Freelove (directed by John Hillcoat) Goodnight Lovers (directed by John Hillcoat) Enjoy The Silence '04 (directed by Uwe Flade) Precious (directed by Uwe Flade) A Pain That I'm Used To (directed by Uwe Flade) Suffer Well (directed by Anton Corbijn) John The Revelator (directed by Blue Leach) Martyr (directed by Robert Chandler) Wrong (directed by Patrick Daughters) Peace (directed by Jonas and François) Hole To Feed (directed by Eric Wareheim) Fragile Tension (directed by Rob Chandler and Barney Steel) Personal Jesus 2011 (directed by Patrick Daughters) Heaven (directed by Timothy Saccenti) Soothe My Soul (directed by Warren Fu) Should Be Higher (directed by Anton Corbijn) People Are People (12" Version) Stripped (Unreleased Alternate Cut) But Not Tonight (Pool Version) Soothe My Soul (Extended)
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Depeche Mode - Ultra LP

Side A 1. Barrel Of A Gun 2. The Love Thieves 3. Home 4. It's No Good 5. Uselink 6. Useless Side B 1. Sister Of Night 2. Jazz Thieves 3. Freestate 4. The Bottom Line 5. Insight
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Depeche Mode - Cover Me (Remixes) CD

Tracklist:1. Cover Me (Radio Edit) 2. Cover Me (Warpaint Steez Remix) 3. Cover Me (Erol Alkan Black Out Rework) 4. Cover Me (Texas Gentlemen Remix) 5. Cover Me (Ellen Allien U.F.O. RMX) 6. Cover Me (Ben Pearce Remix) 7. Cover Me (Josh T. Pearson Choose Hellth Remix) 8. So Much Love (Kalli Remix)
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Depeche Mode - Some Great Reward: The 12" Singles 6LP

Depeche Mode - Some Great Reward: The 12" Singles 6LPTracklist:People Are People (12BONG 5) Side A 1. People Are People (Different Mix) Side B 1. In Your Memory (Slik Mix)People Are People (L12BONG 5) Side A 1. People Are People (On-U Sound Remix By Adrian Sherwood) Side B 1. People Are People (Original 7'' Version) 2. In Your Memory (Original 7'' Version)Master And Servant (12BONG 6) Side A 1. Master And Servant (Slavery Whip Mix) Side B 1. (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (Release Mix) 2. Master And Servant (Voxless)Master And Servant (L12BONG 6) Side A 1. Master And Servant (An On-U Sound Science Fiction Dance Hall Classic Re-Remixed By Adrian Sherwood) Side B 1. Are People People? (Re-Remixed By Adrian Sherwood) 2. (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (7'' Mix)Blasphemous Rumours (12BONG 7) Side A 1. Blasphemous Rumours Side B 1. Somebody (Live) 2. Two Minute Warning (Live) 3. Ice Machine (Live) 4. Everything Counts (Live)Blasphemous Rumours (L12BONG 7) Side A 1. Somebody (Remix) 2. Everything Counts (Live) Side B 1. Blasphemous Rumours (Single Version) 2. Told You So (Live)
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Depeche Mode - Music For The Masses: The 12" Singles 7LP

Tracklist:LP 1 - Strangelove #1 Side A 1. Strangelove (Maxi-Mix) Side B 1. Strangelove (Midi-Mix) 2. FpmipLP 2 - Strangelove #2 Side A 1. Strangelove (Blind Mix) 2. Pimpf Side B 1. Strangelove (Pain Mix) 2. Agent OrangeLP 3 - Never Let Me Down Again #1 Side A 1. Never Let Me Down Again (Split Mix) Side B 1. Pleasure, Little Treasure (Glitter Mix) 2. Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix)LP 4 - Never Let Me Down Again #2 Side A 1. Never Let Me Down Again (Tsangarides Mix) Side B 1. Pleasure, Little Treasure (Join Mix) 2. To Have And To Hold (Spanish Taster)LP 5 - Behind The Wheel #1 Side A 1. Behind The Wheel (Remixed By Shep Pettibone) Side B 1. Route 66 (Remixed By The Beatmasters)LP 6 - Behind The Wheel #2 Side A 1. Behind The Wheel (Beatmasters Mix) Side B 1. Route 66 (Casualty Mix)LP 7 - Little 15 Side A 1. Little 15 Side B 1. Stjarna 2. Sonata N? 14 In C#M “Moonlight Sonata”
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Depeche Mode - Black Celebration: The 12" Singles 5LP

Tracklist:LP 1 - Stripped Side A 1. Stripped (Highland Mix) 2. But Not Tonight (Extended Remix) Side B 1. Breathing In Fumes 2. Fly On The Windscreen (Quiet Mix) 3. Black DayLP 2 - Question Of Lust Side A 1. A Question Of Lust 2. Christmas Island (Extended) Side B 1. People Are People (Live) 2. It Doesn’t Matter Two (Instrumental) 3. A Question Of Lust (Minimal)LP 3 - Question Of Lust Side A 1. A Question Of Lust (Flood Mix) 2. Christmas Island Side B 1. If You Want (Live) 2. Shame (Live) 3. Blasphemous Rumours (Live)LP 4 - Question Of Time Side A 1. A Question Of Time (Extended Remix) Side B 1. Black Celebration (Live) 2. Something To Do (Live) 3. Stripped (Live)LP 5 - Question Of Time Side A 1. A Question Of Time (New Town Mix) 2. A Question Of Time (Live Remix) Side B 1. Black Celebration (Black Tulip Mix) 2. More Than A Party (Live Remix)
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Depeche Mode - Mode 18CD

Dopad hudby Depeche Mode na jejich fanoušky, ale i na celou hudební scénu, je nevyjádřitelný. Neustálým vývojem a posouváním hranic si Depeche Mode udržují věrohodnost s dlouholetými stoupenci, zároveň přitahují nové fanoušky a neustále inspirují nespočet nových muzikantů. Tak, jak kapela pokračuje v hudebním dědictví, boxset MODE oslavuje tuto historii s očekáváním toho, co ještě přijde.MODE je obsáhlá kolekce hudební produkce kapely k dnešnímu dni - obsahuje všech čtrnáct studiových alb plus další, dříve nikdy nevydaný materiál (od alba Spirit z roku 2017 k debutovému albu Speak&Spell). V souladu s estetickým projevem Depeche Mode vychází boxset jako číslovaná a limitovaná edice, která je vložena v elegantní a minimalistické černé krychli, přičemž každý disk je také uzavřen ve své vlastní černé obálce. Obaly originálních alb byly exkluzivně pro tento box přepracovány do jednotných black&black designů. Čtyři další bonusové disky nabízejí chronologickou kolekci nealbových singlů, b-stran a bonus tracků. Doprovodem zvukových nosičů bude i 228 stránková kniha, pozlacená edice, která bude obsahovat všechny texty skladeb a je poprvé sestavena společně, zdůrazňující tak jejich kolektivní viscerální sílu a dopad.K obsahu a designu boxsetu kapela dodává: "Všechno, co jsme do tohoto celočerného boxsetu vložili, je moderní reflexí toho, kdo jsme a odkud jsme přišli. Tato edice nemůže být víc Depeche Mode, než je."Speak & Spell A Broken Frame Construction Time Again Some Great Reward Black Celebration Music For The Masses Violator Songs Of Faith And Devotion Ultra Exciter Playing The Angel Sounds Of The Universe Delta Machine Spirit M (1981-1985) O (1986-1990) D (1993-2005) E (2006-2017)Tracklist: CD 1 - Speak & Spell (1981) 1. New Life 2. I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead 3. Puppets 4. Boys Say Go! 5. Nodisco 6. What’s Your Name? 7. Photographic 8. Tora! Tora! Tora! 9. Big Muff 10. Any Second Now (Voices) 11. Just Can’t Get EnoughCD 2 - A Broken Frame (1982) 1. Leave in Silence 2. My Secret Garden 3. Monument 4. Nothing to Fear 5. See You 6. Satellite 7. The Meaning of Love 8. A Photograph of You 9. Shouldn’t Have Done That 10. The Sun and the RainfallCD 3 - Construction Time Again (1983) 1. Love, In Itself 2. More Than a Party 3. Pipeline 4. Everything Counts 5. Two Minute Warning 6. Shame 7. The Landscape Is Changing 8. Told You So 9. And Then… 10. Everything Counts (Reprise)CD 4 - Some Great Reward (1984) 1. Something to Do 2. Lie to Me 3. People Are People 4. It Doesn’t Matter 5. Stories of Old 6. Somebody 7. Master and Servant 8. If You Want 9. Blasphemous RumoursCD: 5 - Black Celebration (1986) 1. Black Celebration 2. Fly On the Windscreen (Final) 3. A Question of Lust 4. Sometimes 5. It Doesn’t Matter Two 6. A Question of Time 7. Stripped 8. Here Is the House 9. World Full of Nothing 10. Dressed In Black 11. New DressCD 6 - Music For The Masses (1987) 1. Never Let Me Down Again 2. The Things You Said 3. Strangelove 4. Sacred 5. Little 15 6. Behind the Wheel 7. I Want You Now 8. To Have and to Hold 9. Nothing 10. PimpfCD 7 - Violator (1990) 1. World In My Eyes 2. Sweetest Perfection 3. Personal Jesus 4. Halo 5. Waiting for the Night 6. Enjoy the Silence 7. Policy of Truth 8. Blue Dress 9. CleanCD 8 - Songs of Faith and Devotion (1993) 1. I Feel You 2. Walking in My Shoes 3. Condemnation 4. Mercy in You 5. Judas 6. In Your Room 7. Get Right With Me 8. Rush 9. One Caress 10. Higher LoveCD 9 - Ultra (1997) 1. Barrel of a Gun 2. The Love Thieves 3. Home 4. It’s No Good 5. Uselink 6. Useless 7. Sister of Night 8. Jazz Thieves 9. Freestate 10. The Bottom Line 11. Insight 12. Junior PainkillerCD 10 - Exciter (2001) 1. Dream On 2. Shine 3. The Sweetest Condition 4. When the Body Speaks 5. The Dead of Night 6. Lovetheme 7. Freelove 8. Comatose 9. I Feel Loved 10. Breathe 11. Easy Tiger 12. I Am You 13. Goodnight LoversCD 11 - Playing The Angel (2005) 1. A Pain That I’m Used To 2. John the Revelator 3. Suffer Well 4. The Sinner in Me 5. Precious 6. Macro 7. I Want It All 8. Nothing’s Impossible 9. Introspectre 10. Damaged People 11. Lilian 12. The Darkest StarCD 12 - Sounds of the Universe (2009) 1. In Chains 2. Hole to Feed 3. Wrong 4. Fragile Tension 5. Little Soul 6. In Sympathy 7. Peace 8. Come Back 9. Spacewalker 10. Perfect 11. Miles Away / The Truth Is 12. Jezebel 13. CorruptCD 13 - Delta Machine (2013) 1. Welcome to My World 2. Angel 3. Heaven 4. Secret to the End 5. My Little Universe 6. Slow 7. Broken 8. The Child Inside 9. Soft Touch / Raw Nerve 10. Should Be Higher 11. Alone 12. Soothe My Soul 13. GoodbyeCD 14 - Spirit (2017) 1. Going Backwards 2. Where’s the Revolution 3. The Worst Crime 4. Scum 5. You Move 6. Cover Me 7. Eternal 8. Poison Heart 9. So Much Love 10. Poorman 11. No More (This is the Last Time) 12. FailCD 15 - 1981 – 1985 1. Photographic (Some Bizarre Version) 2. Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead (Flexi-Pop Version) 3. Dreaming Of Me 4. Ice Machine 5. Shout 6. Any Second Now 7. Now, This Is Fun 8. Oberkorn (It’s A Small Town) 9. My Secret Garden (Excerpts From) 10. My Secret Garden (Further Excerpts From) 11. Get The Balance Right! 12. The Great Outdoors! 13. Work Hard 14. Fools 15. In Your Memory 16. (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me 17. Shake The Disease 18. Flexible 19. It’s Called A Heart 20. Fly On The WindscreenCD 16 - 1986 – 1990 1. Dressed In Black (Record Mirror Version) 2. But Not Tonight 3. Breathing In Fumes 4. Black Day 5. Christmas Island 6. Agent Orange 7. Fpmip 8. Pleasure, Little Treasure 9. Route 66 10. Stjarna 11. Sonata No. 14 In C#m (Moonlight Sonata) 12. Dangerous 13. Memphisto 14. Sibeling 15. Kaleid 16. Happiest Girl (Jack Mix) 17. Sea Of Sin (Tonal Mix)CD 17 - 1993 – 2005 1. My Joy (Seven Inch Mix) 2. Death’s Door (Soundtrack Version) 3. Death’s Door (Jazz Mix) 4. Slowblow 5. Painkiller 6. Only When I Lose Myself 7. Surrender 8. Headstar 9. Easy Tiger 10. Dirt 11. Zenstation 12. Free 13. Newborn 14. Better Days 15. MartyrCD 18 - 2006 – 2017 1. Oh Well (Single Version) 2. Oh Well 3. Light 4. The Sun And The Moon And The Stars 5. Ghost 6. Esque 7. Long Time Lie 8. Happens All The Time 9. Always 10. All That’s Mine 11. Heroes (Highline Session Version)
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Depeche Mode - Violator: The 12" Singles 10LP

Box obsahuje 10 kusů 12ti palcových singlůLP1: A1 Personal Jesus (Holier Than Thou Approach) 5.49 B1 Dangerous (Sensual Mix) 5.22 B2 Personal Jesus (Acoustic) 3.27LP2: A1 Personal Jesus (Pump Mix) 7:47 B1 Personal Jesus (Telephone Stomp Mix) 5.34 B2 Dangerous (Hazchemix) 5.34LP3: A1 Enjoy The Silence (7” Version) 4.18 A2 Enjoy The Silence (Hands And Feet Mix) 6.41 B1 Enjoy The Silence (Ecstatic Dub) 5.44 B2 Sibeling 3.20LP4: A1 Enjoy The Silence (Bass Line) 7:42 A2 Enjoy The Silence (Harmonium) 2:43 B1 Enjoy The Silence (Ricki Tik Tik Mix) 5:33 B2 Memphisto 4:01LP5: A1 Enjoy The Silence (The Quad: Final Mix) 15:30 (Includes etching on the reverse side)LP6: A1 Policy Of Truth (Beat Box) 6:31 B1 Policy Of Truth (Capitol Mix) 8:01 B2 Kaleid (When Worlds Mix) 5:23LP7: A1 Policy Of Truth (Trancentral Mix) 5:55 B1 Kaleid (Remix) 4:36 B2 Policy Of Truth (Pavlov’s Dub) 6:02LP8: A1 World In My Eyes (Oil Tank Mix) 7:29 B1 Happiest Girl (Kiss-A-Mix) 6:15 B2 Sea Of Sin (Sensoria) 6:08LP9: A1 World In My Eyes (Dub In My Eyes) 6:54 B1 World In My Eyes (Mode To Joy) 6:28 B2 Happiest Girl (The Pulsating Orbital Mix) 6:26LP10: A1 World In My Eyes (Mayhem Mode) 4:55 B1 Happiest Girl (The Pulsating Orbital Mix) 7:58
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Depeche Mode - Songs Of Faitn And Devotion: The 12" Singles 8LP

Tracklist:I Feel You | 12BONG21A "I Feel You" (Throb Mix) 06:47 A "I Feel You" (Seven Inch Mix) 04:37 B "I Feel You" (Babylon Mix) 07:53 B "One Caress" 03:30I Feel You | L12BONG21A "I Feel You" (Life's Too Short Mix) 08:35 A "I Feel You" (Swamp Mix) 07:28 B "I Feel You" (Afghan Surgery Mix) 04:58 B "I Feel You" (Helmet At The Helm Mix) 06:41Walking in My Shoes | 12BONG22A "Walking in My Shoes" (Grungy Gonads Mix) 06:24 A "Walking in My Shoes" (Seven Inch Mix) 04:59 B "My Joy" (Seven Inch Mix) 03:58 B "My Joy" (Slow Slide Mix) 05:11Walking in My Shoes | L12BONG22A "Walking in My Shoes" (Extended Twelve Inch Mix) 06:54 A "Walking In My Shoes" (Random Carpet Mix) 06:10 B "Walking in My Shoes" (Anandamidic Mix) 06:11 B "Walking in My Shoes" (Ambient Whale Mix) 04:54Condemnation | 12BONG23A "Condemnation" (Paris Mix) 03:21 A "Death's Door" (Jazz Mix) 06:38 B "Rush" (Spiritual Guidance Mix) 05:31 B "Rush" (Amylnitrate Mix)(Instrumental) 07:42 B "Rush" (Wild Planet Mix (Vocal)) 06:23Condemnation | L12BONG23A "Condemnation" (Live - The Forum, Milan) 04:10 A "Personal Jesus" (Live - The Forum, Milan) 06:00 B "Enjoy the Silence" (Live - The Forum, Milan) 06:46 B "Halo" (Live - The Forum, Milan) 04:54In Your Room | 12BONG24A "In Your Room" (Zephyr Mix) 04:52 A "In Your Room" (Apex Mix) 06:45 A "In Your Room" (The Jeep Rock Mix) 06:19 B "Higher Love" (Adrenaline Mix) 07:49 B "In Your Room" (Extended Zephyr Mix) 06:43In Your Room | L12BONG24A "In Your Room" (Live 1993-07-29 Lievin, France) 06:52 A "Policy Of Truth" (Live 1993-07-29 Lievin, France) 05:08 A "World In My Eyes" (Live 1993-07-29 Lievin, France) 06:16 B "Fly On The Windscreen" (Live 1993-07-29 Lievin, France) 05:20 B "Never Let Me Down Again" (Live 1993-07-29 Lievin, France) 05:01 B "Death's Door" (Live 1993-07-29 Lievin, France) 02:45
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