Louize Perdieus


123 Seriously Smart Things You Need To Know About The Climate

Did you know that: * Deserts provide food for fish? * 70% of all birds on the planet are chickens? * Climate change was the reason why humans began to talk? * Cows emit harmful methane when they burp or fart? Filled to the brim with 123 astonishing facts about the environment and climate, this accessible book explores the history of climate change and offers suggestions on how we can keep our planet liveable.
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321 Seriously Smart Things You Need To Know

Did you know that: * A giraffe can lick its own ears clean? * You can weigh your head by putting it in a bucket of water? * Astronauts urinate into a vacuum cleaner? What the encyclopaedia was to the 20th century, this book is to the 21st. Twelve elegantly designed chapters brim with 321 fascinating - and often surprising - facts, enabling people to dazzle their friends and family with their encyclopaedic knowledge of sports, science, plants and insects, famous people and space. The facts are all grouped together by topic, so readers can dip in and pick and choose the topics that they find most interesting. This well-structured collection of smart things you need to know will be fun for all the family.
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