Cat Staggs


The Death Of Superman: The Wake

UNTOLD STORIES FROM THE BIGGEST SUPERMAN EVENT EVER! REVISIT ONE OF THE BIGGEST MOMENTS IN THE HISTORY OF COMICS! The death of Superman was an event that shocked the world. But not every story from that unforgettable day has been told. This companion to the iconic story imagines the never-before-told adventures that take place before, during, and after Superman's deadly clash with Doomsday. How did Superman spend his final hours? How did the rest of the Justice League react to losing their greatest champion? Can Jimmy Olsen keep up with the story of a lifetime? Find out in THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN: THE WAKE, written by longtime Superman writer LOUISE SIMONSON with art by CAT STAGGS, JOEL OJEDA, LAURA BRAGA, JESÚS MERINO, JON BOGDANOVE, and more! Collects the twelve-part miniseries. Collects The Death of Superman #1-12
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