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Robert Louis Stevenson: Detective Club - Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

Počet strán: 192

Väzba: tvrdá

EAN: 9780008137212

Jazyk: anglický

ISBN: 9780008137212

Dátum vydania: 19. novembra 2015

Vydavateľstvo:  Harper Collins Publishers

Orig. vydavateľstvo: 

Rozmery: 2,3 cm x 12,6 cm x 19 cm

Detective Club - Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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O knihe: The latest in a new series of classic detective stories from the vaults of HarperCollins is a reissue of one of literature's most audacious and thought-provoking novels of murder and intrigue, in hardback with its 1929 cover design and a brand new introduction. London lawyer Gabriel John Utterson is persuaded to investigate the sinister activities of the dastardly Mr Edward Hyde. He becomes convinced that Hyde is blackmailing his old friend, Dr Henry Jekyll, and that a master criminal is at work. To his horror, Utterson discovers that the doctor's own researches into the duality of human nature have unleashed a murderous sociopath and set in motion a deadly chain of events that threatens to overwhelm him. Published in January 1886, Robert Louis Stevenson's crime fantasy was an immediate success, inspiring more than 100 stage and film adaptations and becoming one of the best-known stories ever written. It was reissued in the Detective Story Club in 1929 for being 'without equal in the realm of detective fiction'. This Detective Story Club classic is introduced by supernatural and detective fiction researcher Richard Dalby. It includes Stevenson's macabre tales 'Markheim' and 'The Body Snatcher', plus two of the earliest published Jekyll and Hyde parodies - the detective story 'Dr Jekyl' by Robert McLaughlin (1931) and a bizarre 'Untold Sequel' by Francis Little (1890). "The Detective Story Club", launched by Collins in 1929, was a clearing house for the best and most ingenious crime stories of the age, chosen by a select committee of experts. Now, almost 90 years later, these books are the classics of the Golden Age, republished at last with the same popular cover designs that appealed to their original readers.

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