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Colin Dexter: Last Bus To Woodstock
Väzba: iná / ostatná
EAN: 9780330248959
Jazyk: anglický
Orig. vydavateľstvo: 

Last Bus To Woodstock

Autor: Colin Dexter

Nedoručíme do Vianoc
Naša cena: 2,84 
Bežná cena: 2,99 €
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O knihe: Two young women missed the bus and hitch a ride to Woodstock. One is found dead later that evening in a local pub's parking lot. Inspector Morse is called in to discover who murdered Sylvia Kaye. Witnesses come forward. None are the woman who accompa

nied Ms. Kaye into the car. Sergeant Lewis is assigned to work with Morse. He starts to learn that Morse is an unusual character. Morse denies Lewis alcohol while on duty, then waits in the local pub while Lewis is interviewing people about the case.

One woman saw the two girls waiting at the bus stop, then leave to accept a ride with someone. Morse soon observes from her comments that the woman with Kaye probably worked with her. They interview all the women from her office to no avail. One co-

worker is singled out by Morris as the person with Kaye. He starts visiting her flat to interview her, talking with her and her attractive roommate. Then a man comes forward admitting to having seen the women. As Morse pulls on the knots, he slowly u

ntangles a tale of adultry and deceit that ended in murder. This is the first Inspector Morse novel. Morse' and Lewis' characters are still being molded. Morse' eccentricities are not quickly noticeable. Lewis is quickly turned into the competent ass

istant, often long-suffering, usually a step behind Morse in the solution to the crime. This is an intricately set up novel. Dexter has not yet found the voice he wants for Morse; the writing is average. I can recommend it as part of the series, and

the reader will find others better.

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