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  • Autor: J. G. Salway

    Medical Biochemistry at a Glance

    Vydavateľstvo: John Wiley & Sons Inc.
    Dátum vydania: 21. februára 2012
    Jazyk: anglický
    Dostupnosť: Posielame do 42 dní
    Bežná cena: 38,40 €
    Vaša cena: 36,48 
    Offering a concise, illustrated summary of biochemistry and its relevance to clinical medicine, Medical Biochemistry at a Glance is intended for students of medicine and the biomedical sciences such as nutrition, biochemistry, sports science, medical laboratory sciences, physiotherapy, pharmacy, physiology, pharmacology, genetics and veterinary science. … Zobraziť viac info ►
  • Autor:

    Biochemistry 7th Edition

    Vydavateľstvo: W.H.Freeman & Co
    Dátum vydania: 1. mája 2011
    Jazyk: anglický
    Dostupnosť: Vypredané v e-shope
    Bežná cena: 77,50 €
    Vaša cena: 73,63 
    Since its first edition in 1975, this extraordinary textbook has helped shape the way that biochemistry is taught, and has become one of the most trusted books in the field. It offers exceptionally clear writing, innovative graphics, coverage of the latest research techniques and advances, and a signature emphasis on physiological and medical relevance. … Zobraziť viac info ►
  • Autor: James Nestor


    Vydavateľstvo: Penguin Books
    Dátum vydania: 21. mája 2020
    Jazyk: anglický
    Dostupnosť: Na sklade
    Bežná cena: 18,50 €
    Vaša cena: 17,58 
    There is nothing more essential to our health and wellbeing than breathing: take air in, let it out, repeat 25,000 times a day. Yet, as a species, humans have lost the ability to breathe correctly, with grave consequences. Journalist James Nestor travels the world to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. The answers aren't found in pulmonology … Zobraziť viac info ►
  • Autor: Michael Allaby

    Oxford Dictionary of Plant Science (Oxford Paperback Reference)

    Vydavateľstvo: Oxford University Press
    Dátum vydania: 1. januára 2006
    Dostupnosť: Vypredané v e-shope
    Bežná cena: 11,04 €
    Vaša cena: 10,49 
    This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date paperback dictionary of botany available. It contains over 5,500 clear and concise entries on all aspects of botany, including biochemistry, plant physiology, cytology, ecology, genetics, evolution, biogeography, earth history, and the earth sciences. Classification is comprehensive and wide ranging: approximately … Zobraziť viac info ►
  • Autor: Robinson Andrew


    Vydavateľstvo: Thames & Hudson
    Dátum vydania: 1. októbra 2012
    Jazyk: anglický
    Dostupnosť: Vypredané v e-shope
    Bežná cena: 37,99 €
    Vaša cena: 36,09 
    This book tells the remarkable lives of the pioneers of science from Galileo and Newton, Faraday and Darwin, Pasteur and Marie Curie, to Einstein, Freud, Turing, and Crick and Watson. A series of seventy articles, written by an international team of distinguished scientists, historians of science and science writers, provides an unrivalled account of the … Zobraziť viac info ►
  • Autor: Terry Wahls

    The Wahls Protocol

    Vydavateľstvo: Ebury Publishing
    Dátum vydania: 30. januára 2018
    Jazyk: anglický
    Dostupnosť: Vypredané v e-shope
    Bežná cena: 18,56 €
    Vaša cena: 17,63 
    After progressive multiple sclerosis landed Dr Wahls in a tilt/recline wheelchair, she exhaustively researched autoimmune disease and brain biology, and embraced the concepts of functional medicine. Determined to overcome her initial dismal diagnosis,, she made a choice to rely on food as her medicine and begun using paleo concepts as guidelines for … Zobraziť viac info ►
  • Autor: Chris Cooper

    Run, Swim, Throw, Cheat

    Vydavateľstvo: Oxford University Press
    Dátum vydania: 15. septembra 2013
    Jazyk: anglický
    Dostupnosť: Vypredané v e-shope
    Bežná cena: 13,95 €
    Vaša cena: 13,25 
    Drugs in sport are big news and the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport is common. Here, Chris Cooper, a top biochemist at the University of Essex, looks at the science behind drugs in sport. Using the performance of top athletes, Cooper begins by outlining the limits of human performance. Showing the basic problems of human biochemistry, physiology, … Zobraziť viac info ►