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Self Portrait as Your Traitor

Debbie Millman's illustrated essays and visual poems are part philosophy, part art, part deeply personal memoir exposing the universal triumphs and tribulations of being human. Her hand-lettered typography - sometimes tender, sometimes gritty, always breathtaking in its visceral candor - makes Self Portrait as Your Traitor a moving masterpiece of a singular art form that speaks to our deepest longings for beauty, honesty, and the ineffable magic of what it means to live.
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Part teaching guide, part insider's peek into the creative and professional processes of one of the world's leading graphic design firms, "Identify" is more than simply a book about the art and practice of trademark design. "Identify" is about identity design that works, written by the very pioneers and practitioners responsible for many of the world's most durable and iconic visual marks. "Identify" offers readers a behind the scenes look into the processes of three of the most important and prolific names in the world of branding and design. Featuring more than 40 logos and the often dramatic and amusing stories behind their creation, it shows how they were conceived, the rough sketches along the way, and, of course, the final piece. The book also offers 50 case studies that dive deeper into the mark's creation to present the challenges the team faced, how they overcame them, and their thinking behind the decisions they made along the way.
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