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The mayor of Casterbridge + MP3

Classic / British English Michael Henchard is a wealthy and respected man, but he has a terrible secret. Twenty years ago, when he was unemployed and penniless, he sold his wife to a sailor. Now she is looking for him again. Why? And what will happen when she finds him? This Pack contains a Book and MP3
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New Opportunities 4 Education for life - Upper Intermediate SB

Based on feedback from teachers and students around the world, New Opportunities now comes with new features and components to make your lessons even more motivating and successful. New Reading and Listening Texts motivate students to speak and think in English. New exam zones in the Powerbook build students exam skills and confidence. New comprehensive testing programme provides total evaluation for students Grammar and skills development give students a solid base for learning. Training i n independent study skills ensures good learning habits. Cross curricular and cross cultural topics motivate students and engage ...
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Cutting Edge WB advanced

Cutting Edge Advanced Workbook consolidates and extends essential language covered in the Students' Book. *Vocabulary and Grammar sections revise areas covered in the Students' Book*Listen and read and check your writing sections develop skills*Check your pronunciation sections develop confidence in typical problem areas*Do you remember pages provide a quick and enjoyable way to check progress The Workbook is accompanied by an optional Students' Audio CD featuring exercises on grammar and pronunciation.
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Language Leader Elementary: Workbook with Key and Audio CD Pack

The workbook contains extra practice material particularly listening activities including dictation and translation. It has extra writing and vocabulary activities and skills tip' boxes.
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Success Intermediate WB + Audio CD

Students will
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Success Upper-inter WB + Audio CD

set paperback + CD
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Pockets 1 WB Pack, 2. ED + CD

The Workbook gives students focused reinforcement of what is taught in class. A wide range of exercises recycle and extend vocabulary and language structures. The accompanying Audio CD contains the songs and chants that students learn in class. Clap your hands for Pockets! Proven success for your pre-school students. With three levels, Pockets develops English using fun activities with catchy songs and chants, photo picture cards, animal mascots, and game-filled CD-ROMs. Because it is based on the highly effective five-step teaching strategies of Warm-Up, Presentation, Practice, Application and Assessment, even the youngest children find Pockets easy to follow. So take a look. Pockets builds confidence and communication using hands-on activities that relate to everyday life, and builds a solid foundation in English that will last a lifetime. For very young learners, Little Pockets offers a fun way to begin introducing English.
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Speakout Intermediate WB+Key+CD

The Workbook provides additional grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation practice and extends reading, listening and writing skills.
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Focus on Vocabulary 1

Focus on Vocabulary 1: Bridging Vocabulary is a research-based vocabulary textbook that gives intermediate to high-intermediate students hands-on preparation for understanding mid-frequency vocabulary, such as that found in novels, newspapers, films, and social and workplace settings. Through excerpts from popular material and well-crafted exercises, English learners focus on mid-frequency vocabulary — 504 word families in all. To help students reach a fuller understanding of the new vocabulary, each chapter provides a series of exercises on word meanings, word families, and collocation.   Features  Seven units focus on a variety of subject areas, such as the mind, design, celebrity, and the environment. The start of each main chapter features an Assessing Your Vocabulary Knowledge section, which helps students determine their level of familiarity with that chapter's twenty-four target words. Students reassess their familiarity with the words at the end of the chapter. Each main chapter carefully recycles the target words a minimum of four times in the reading passage and throughout the sections that follow: Reading Comprehension, Word Meaning, Word Families, Collocation, and Expanding the Topic. At the end of each unit, a Strategy Practice chapter offers tips for dictionary use, essay writing, and other vocabulary-related tasks.  
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Focus on Vocabulary 2

  Focus on Vocabulary 2: Mastering the Academic Word List is a research-based vocabulary textbook that gives high-intermediate to advanced students the advantage they need to succeed in academic environments. Through excerpts from college texts and well-crafted exercises, English learners study the Academic Word List – the most frequently used words in academic texts. To help students reach a fuller understanding of the new vocabulary, each chapter provides a series of exercises on word meanings, word families, and collocation.   Features  Seven units focus on a variety of subject areas, such as social change, consumer behavior, natural resources, and music. Each main chapter carefully recycles the target words four times in reading passages and vocabulary-building exercises. NEW!  Reading Strategies are designed to give students the tools they need to better comprehend the materials they read. Activities include recognizing an author’s point of view and synthesizing information from multiple readings. The collocations exercises – based on the 179-million-word New Longman Corpus – reflect how academic words are actually used in real contexts. Expanding the Topic sections provide additional reading, discussion, and writing activities that broaden students’ understanding of vocabulary. Strategy Practice chapters offer tips for dictionary usage, information about word roots and affixes, and methods for expanding students’ word knowledge.  
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Advanced Expert CAE Coursebook

Coverage of a wide range of stimulating and up-to-date topics divided into twelve theme-based modules. * Self-contained lessons which can be taught in any order make the course flexible and easy to use. * A step-by-step approach to speaking and writing, combined with high-level texts and tasks prepare students for the exam right from the start. * Task analysis activities encourage self-evaluation and better understanding of key language * Comprehensive reference material includes information about the exam, strategies for each task type and module-linked grammar and writing reference sections with extra practice tasks * iTest CD ROM provides authentic exam practice with instant feedback allowing students to identify areas which require further practice * Additional grammar and vocabulary activities on CD ROM offer additional practice in key language areas
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Activate! B2 Students´ Book with Active Book

*12 units each having 10 pages* Revision every 2 units*Active Book and Active Teach: the complete digital components for students and teachers* Motivating video clips on the Active Book and Active Teach taken from authentic TV programmes* Teenage "exam coach" characters support students in Skillzone and Examzone boxes*Speaking File with addoitional speaking activities to practise language functions* Writing File provides guidance on approaching different writing tasks required in exams*Vocabulary File with a complete wordlist for ever unit and optional activities for each video clip*Grammar File contains full explanations and examples of the grammar in each unit* CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) tasks allow students to apply their language skills to other subjects* Extensive language skills developmentand practice in the Workbook and Grammar and Vocabulary Book* Comprehensive teacher's support package with materials in the Teacher's Book and Teacher's Exam Box* Interactive exam practice in the Active Book and at*Activate! B2 is ideal for students who are working towards B2 level and preparing for B2 level exams such as FCE
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The Phantom of the Opera

Classic / American English There is a climate of secrecy and fear at the Paris Opera. People are dying and a beautiful, talented young singer has disappeared. Is this the work of the Opera ghost? Is the ghost a man or a monster? And what else will he do to get what he wants?
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Real Life Global Upper Intermediate Students Book

*Interesting and relevant topics teenagers relate to *Real Time photo story with related exercises using functional language, real contexts and situations *Words2know provide clear focus on vocabulary and make revision easier. Also recorded on class CD and Skills Multi-ROM *Grammar2know with rules of meaning and give focus * Grammar input lessons with Grammar Focus * Functional and situational language in Phrases2know * Wide range of listening including exam task types *Reading strategieswith skills such as skimming, scanning, predicting meaning from context * Emphasis on exam task types *Quizzes that encourage students to give opinions and personal views * Students encouraged to give opinions on issues that relate to them *Active Study sections develop awareness of lexical features *Mini Workbookat the back of the Students' Book *The back cover flap of the Students' Book provides study tips for exam tasks
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Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate Workbook + Key 3rd Edition

Cutting Edge Third Edition builds on the distinctive task-based approach that makes this course so popular. Written by industry practitioners the series combines a strong grammar syllabus with the specialist vocabulary and skills that learners need to succeed in their chosen field. • Cutting Edge Third Edition builds on the distinctive task-based approach that makes this course so popular. • New World Culture lessons with video clips give a worldwide view on topics • New Engaging topics encourage guided online research • New Language Live lessons practice functional language in video and audio clips • Integrated video • Fully aligned to the CEFR • Task Based Learning is core to the methodology • Units have clear aims and focus • A balanced approach to topics, language and skills • Discovery approach to grammar
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Cutting Edge Intermediate Students' Book + DVD 3rd Edition

New World culture lessons encourage the exploration of contemporary topics and develop online research skills. Language live lessons provide light-hearted contexts for practising functional language and writing. The Intermediate level takes students from B1 to B2 The DVD-ROM contains all the audio and video clips and a digital Mini dictionary of key vocabulary.
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