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Small Home Gardens

For many of us, our only chance to connect with nature on a daily basis happens in the garden. The inspired design ideas found within Small Home Gardens nurture this impulse by showing the reader how to create exterior spaces in a wide variety of styles. Ideas abound, from tranquil patio spaces to romantic roof plantings and water elements to herb beds and cutting gardens. Small Home Gardens puts forward practical cost-effective ideas using both traditional and cutting-edge materials that can be tailored to individual taste or to meet the demands of a particular site. Featuring hundreds of full color photographs alongside diagrams of unique projects from around the world, this volume is bound to interest gardeners, landscape designers and architects alike.
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Tiny Homes - Maximum Style

The construction of small houses is increasing. It is an accessible option, adaptable to any environment, eliminating unnecessary elements to include only basic functions without renouncing comfort. Through the pages of this book we travel to countries across the world to discover a little bit about ways of life in those countries and how this is reflected in small house architecture. Mountain houses, city houses or on the coast, this book showcases many different styles but all with a common bond: careful construction and well thought out aesthetics to optimise space whilst respecting the environment and integrating the house into its surroundings.
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Cosy Interiors - Slow Living

Slow living is a fashionable lifestyle idea emphasizing a slower approach to all aspects of everyday life. This beautiful book brings the slow living concept to home design and shows a wide selection of relaxed home interiors, designed as a reaction to the discomforts of busy working lifestyles where work and commuting creates stress. The book illustrates interiors designed and organized around natural materials, friendly furniture and gentle layouts to create a pleasant atmosphere in modern living spaces. 300 beautiful colour photographs showcase ideal homes featuring warm fireplaces with real fires, cosy leather sofas and soft cushions, lots of exposed wood beams and panelled ceilings, natural light and calming creamy colours.
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Wood And Iron

Industrial style has become one of the most influential interior design trends of recent years. Following the second industrial revolution, strong developments in industry resulted in a change in the concept of furniture design in the same way as it transformed society. Its nostalgic aesthetic and the sincerity and crudeness of its materials and functionality made it popular in working class neighbourhoods in the United States, giving birth to the loft living concept. The advent of new materials and the possibilities for bulk manufacturing gave rise to pieces that have today become icons of modern design. This book is intended as a source of inspiration and guidance for those making their foray into the world of industrial style, presenting the most influential names in the genre, anonymous pieces salvaged from junk shops and carefully selected interior design projects.
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