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Abraham Ralph


Mýtus o věčném návratu

Diskuse mezi matematikem a předním odborníkem na teorii chaosu, etnobotanikem a odborníkem na šamanismus, a uznávaným biologem a autorem teorie morfogenetických polí. Jsou fascinující výpravou do hraničních oblastí lidského bádání, jako je vztah mezi chao
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Chaos, Creativity and Cosmic Consciousness

A wide-ranging investigation of the ecology of inner and outer space the role of chaos theory in the dynamics of human creation and the rediscovery of traditional wisdom. In this book of trialogues the late psychedelic visionary and shamanologist Terence McKenna, acclaimed biologist and originator of the morphogenetic fields theory Rupert Sheldrake and mathematician and chaos theory scientist Ralph Abraham explore the relationships between chaos and creativity and their connection to cosmic consciousness. Their observations call into question our current views of reality morality and the nature of life in the universe. The authors challenge the reader to the deepest levels of thought with wide-ranging investigations of the ecology of inner and outer space the role of chaos in the dynamics of human creation and the resacralization of the world. Among the provocative questions the authors raise are: Is Armageddon a self-fulfilling prophecy? Are we humans the imaginers or the imagined? Are the eternal laws of nature still evolving? What is the connection between physical light and the light of consciousness? Part ceremony part old-fashioned intellectual discussion these trialogues are an invitation to a new understanding of what Jean Houston calls the dreamscapes of our everyday waking life.
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