David Andreu


Small & Smart Interiors

The projects in this book convey the ingenuity and skill of architects and designers who create interesting but smaller-sized living environments. These spaces suggest urban lifestyles which, while not typical, seek to maintain basic standards of quality and comfort. The designs of these environments are the result of a search for superior functional flexibility that makes the most of every inch of space. Among the imaginative solutions in evidence are walls that contain and conceal household equipment, or furnishings that can be moved to create different areas. Although some are based on simple items of furniture, and others are highly experimental prototypes, all the projects in this volume reveal unquestionable architectural sensitivity.
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Architecture Today: Commercial Spaces

This latest addition to the Architecture Today series presents exciting contemporary commercial and industrial design projects by thirty professional architects from around the world. Bars, restaurants, shops and boutiques, hotels, cafes...the role that architecture plays in branding, marketing, and the ultimate success or failure of commercial ventures cannot be underestimated. Indeed, the relationship between the design of commercial spaces and customer behaviour is an increasingly researched and highly specialised subject. More than 500 full-colour photographs and 200 technical drawings and plans of more than 100 magnificent works by thirty of the most notable international architects are included in this valuable resource for landscape designers and architects.
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Wood - Living and Working

Wood is one of the very best materials for building construction because of its versatility, its capacity as a thermal and acoustic insulator, its warm appearance, pleasant texture and feel and its ecological character. Architects love to use this natural material for exterior design and decoration, aided by new ways of fixing and joining wood thanks to modern technology. Today's criteria for sustainable housing ("living") and offices ("working") also benefit greatly from the use of wood. The great variety of available wood and the fact that it is easy to recycle results in the construction of the masterful and varied designs shown in this book.
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Libraries Architecture

In the past decade, the increasing requirements of the multimedia world have substantially increased the demands placed on libraries. They have gone through a transformation from introverted collections of bookish knowledge to globally networked information administrators and communication brokers. Today, public and academic libraries have to offer their users constantly advancing digital search possibilities coupled with enough spaces for concentrated reading. Architects have to approach library projects from multiple perspectives. Whether new buildings, conversions or extensions, this book shows the diversity of the design and building tasks in order to comply with the very latest technology requirements and cultural demands within a library space.
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