Jan Bajtlik



Watch letters of the alphabet come to life in this hugely imaginative scribble book by Polish graphic designer Jan Bajtlik. "Alphadoodler "invites children to play with typography, using well-known letterforms to create creepy-crawlies, impossible skyscrapers, a crocodile s toothy grin, and even ghost letters with toothpaste. Packed full of activities for children to draw, scribble, cut, color, glue, paint, and design, "Alphadoodler" sees letters camouflaged in a messy bedroom, skiing down a mountain, growing leaves, and leaving the reader pondering: Is an O an octopus without tentacles, or an elephant without a trunk?In this entertaining and electrifying book, letters bend, break, hide, and slide to become something truly larger than life."
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Ariadnina niť

Prejdite s nami labyrintmi gréckej mytológie v tejto nádhernej bohato ilustrovanej knihe. Nájdite cestu von zo spleti kľukatých cestičiek medzi bohmi, mocnými hrdinami a bájnymi bytosťami. Na tejto dobrodružnej ceste spoznáte Herakla a argonautov, Minotaura a Kyklopov, Sizyfa, Odysea i nádhernú Trójsku Helenu. Navštívite olympiádu, grécke divadlo a aténsku Akropolu. Straťte sa v tejto knihe a objavte Grécko antických čias.
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Greek Myths and Mazes

A fascinating collection of labyrinths and puzzles set in Ancient Greece. Find your way out of a maze on each page in this stunningly intricate book from the creators of Maps. Discover the legendary labyrinths of Ancient Greece, as well as the myths and stories that have captured readers for thousands of years, in this beautifully illustrated collection of puzzles and facts. From an Ancient Greek theatre, to the Trojan horse and the Minotaur, the book is packed full of history and mythology, and will astound readers of all ages.
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