Alex Boese


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Hoaxy, fake news, klamavá reklama a spousta dalšího balastu, to vše na nás útočí na sociálních sítích, internetu, v e-mailech, ale taktéž i ze stránek seriózně se tvářících médií. Žijeme ve světě, který je každým dnem falešnější, a to čím dál bizarnějším způsobem. Tato kniha je zábavnou, ale i poučnou historií městských legend, fíglů, švindlů, politického mlžení a dalších žvástů, které zaplňují moderní svět. Nejde však jen o sbírku fake news, nabízí i praktické rady, jak toto "smetí" odhalit a ignorovat.
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Electrified Sheep

Benjamin Franklin was a pioneering scientist, leader of the Enlightenment and founding father of the USA. But perhaps less well known is that he was also the first person to use artificial respiration to revive an electric shock victim. Odder still, it was actually mouth-to-beak resuscitation on a hen that he himself had shocked. Welcome to some of the most weird and wonderful experiments ever conducted in the name of science. Packed full of eccentric characters, irrational obsessions and extreme experiments, Electrified Sheep is the long-awaited follow-up to the bestselling Elephants on Acid. Watch as scientists attempt to blow up the moon, wince at the doctor who performs a self-appendectomy - and catch the faint whiff of singed wool from an electrified sheep.
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Elephants on Acid

Have you ever wondered if a severed head retains consciousness long enough to see what happened to it? Or whether your dog would run to fetch help, if you fell down a disused mineshaft? And what would happen if you were to give an elephant the largest ever single dose of LSD? The chances are that someone, somewhere has conducted a scientific experiment to find out...'Excellent accounts of some of the most important and interesting experiments in biology and psychology' Simon Singh If left to their own devices, would babies instinctively choose a well-balanced diet? Discover the secret of how to sleep on planes Which really tastes better in a blind tasting - Coke or Pepsi?
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Psychedelic Apes

From the Sunday Times bestselling author of Elephant's on Acid comes a collection of the wackiest theories from science and history.What if we're living inside a black hole? What if we've already found extraterrestrial life? What if the dinosaurs died in a nuclear war? What if Jesus Christ was actually a mushroom?In Psychedelic Apes, bestselling author Alex Boese delves into the curious scientific subculture of weird theories. Thoroughly bizarre and contrary to the established norm, these ideas are often vehemently rejected by the intellectual community.From the creation of the universe to the evolution of humans, the birth of civilization right through to our more recent past, Psychedelic Apes explores some of the craziest ideas from science and history and shows that, sometimes, even the weirdest theories may be proved true . . .
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