Markus Braun


Atlas of European Architecture

Architecture in Europe has always been characterized by an inimitable variety of style. Also current architecture, from Estonia to Spain, between Norway, Germany and Greece is inspired by the creative interaction of international design trends with the unparalleled and individual architectural language unique for each country for private homes and office complexes, religious and cultural buildings, or sports facilities and airports. The building technology of today is also marked by an exciting heterogeneity. Innovations like 3D printing are being applied as well as traditional brick construction, translucent high-tech concrete roofs as well as greened facades. The Atlas of European Architecture showcases the exciting esthetical, technical and typological diversity."
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On the Shore - Seaside Living

Das Leben vis-a-vis vom Meer verspricht ein intensives Erleben der Natur. Der Blick auf die Brandung am Strand oder die Aussicht auf den Horizont hinter den Klippen gibt die Ausrichtung des Gebäudes vor. Sonnenuntergänge und spektakuläre Wolkenformationen halten Einzug in die Innenräume; Balkone,Terassen und Wintergärten werden zu Logenplätzen. Um diese Konstanten kreisen die unterschiedlichen Lösungen, die die Wohnbauten dieses Buches vereinen. Ob modern und sachlich und so die Aufmerksamkeit vorrangig auf das Landschaftserlebnis legend oder aber in der Formensprache und Materialienwahl schwelgend und so den Kontext spiegelnd: Alle vorgestellten Strandhäuser verzaubern durch die Magie der Natur.
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Inspired & Inspiring

Creativity and workmanship under a single roof, yet neither a university nor a factory – labs, studios and workshops are hubs of creative innovation and practical implementation. These two premises are the constants that define them as a place in which new things are developed.This volume examines the question of how the spaces for this process are actually created. It presents contemporary examples from areas as diverse as fashion, graphic design, architecture, and photography, as well as an exclusive patisserie and noble furniture workshops. These projects reflect already achieved accomplishments while promising future innovations.
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Coffee Love

A café is a place "where time and space are consumed, but only the coffee is found on the bill" - that's how UNESCO described the Viennese café culture in 2011 as it was named an "Intangible Cultural Heritage." Places of coffee consumption of very different kinds are now indispensable as part of urban life all over the world. Such premises are constantly being redefined, reconceived and restaged - especially now through the "Third Wave of Coffee." This publication shows how cafés, coffee houses and coffee shops are designed today: whether as a grand café, a living room mock-up or a nonchalant co-working space, whether in retro style or more casual. In addition to the 60 examples from all over the world, articles and essays tell the reader about very different aspects of coffee (house) culture in the past and present.
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My Private Spa

The evolution from yesterday's purely functional and usually soulless bathroom to today's private oasis that comes in all shapes and sizes - sometimes almost like a piece of art - continues to open up new horizons for newly planned houses and apartments as well as remodeling projects: from introducing elements of ancient bathhouse cultures to the latest materials and products. With a careful choice of projects from all across the globe, this volume showcases an exceptional spectrum ranging from small and intimate baths to wide open spa landscapes - from size S to XL. They all have their own special way of extending an invitation to immerse, relax, and let go. The multitude of concepts presents the coming together of solid and fluid elements in architecture and interior design as an inspiration.
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