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Dave Broom


Světový atlas whisky

Představujeme vám rozsáhlého průvodce světem whisky od oceňovaného autora, Dava Brooma. Nečekejte žádné suché analýzy palíren nebo značek. Dave vás provede světem whisky, palíren, chutí a vůní tohoto úžasného nápoje tak, že budete mít pocit, že jste přímo na místě. Objevte svět i příběhy palíren a whisky ve Skotsku, Irsku, Japonsku, Kanadě, ale i v Austrálii nebo Jižní Americe. Stranou nezůstaly ani bourbony z Kentucky nebo whiskey zTennessee. Kniha je doplněná o nádherné fotografie.
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World Atlas of Whisky

In-depth descriptions of all the key Scottish distilleries can be found here, while Ireland, Japan, the USA, Canada and the rest of the world are given exhaustive coverage. "The World Atlas of Whisky" includes detailed maps, samples single malts from Aberfeldy to Tormore, great blends from Bushmills to Yoichi and the best of the bourbons and ryes from Barton to Wild Turkey and offers tasting notes on over 300 selected expressions. How does one unravel the complexities of whisky? How does one define the flavours and aromas that create the most deliciously teasing and satisfying of drinks? Six Flavour Camp charts group whiskys by style allowing the reader to identify new whiskys to try from around the world. So, experiment with a new taste or relax with an old favourite and prepare to immerse yourself in this stylish, beautiful collection. Whether you savour with experience or are looking for that perfect first taste, this is the ideal whisky bible.
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Whisky világatlasz

A "Whisky világatlasz" a műértőnek és a műkedvelőnek is mindent elmond arról, amit a whisky világáról tudni érdemes. A könyv káprázatos képei mély és átfogó útikalauzt illusztrálnak, amely a whiskyfajták történelmét, világát és a lepárlás folyamatát tárja fel huszonnégy színes térkép segítségével. Hagyomány, kaland, zamat és mesterségbeli tudás elevenedik meg a kötet lapjain, amely a legsokoldalúbb szeszes italt élteti. Dave Broom, a díjnyertes whiskyszakértő a zamat nyomán segít eligazodni a wh isky világában: öt ízkategória segítségével találhatjuk meg a nekünk legízletesebb és legrokonszenvesebb whiskyt ebben a könnyen használható atlaszban. Akár temérdek tapasztalat birtokában lapozgatjuk a könyvet, akár a tökéletes első találkozásra vág yunk, a "Whisky világatlasz" a legjobb társ a következő pohár whisky mellé.
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Gin - The Manual

'You could not write a more sophisticated book or pack more detail onto each page...it is rocket science impressive' Huffington Post In recent years, gin has shed its old-fashioned image and been reborn as a hot and hip spirit. The number of brands grows every day and bartenders - and consumers - are now beginning to re-examine gin as a quality base spirit for drinks both simple and complex. Now, with more brands available than ever before, it is the time to set out what makes gin special, what its flavours are and how to get the most out of the brands you buy. With this book as your guide, discover: How gin is made What a botanical is and how they impact a gin's flavour What the difference between Dutch, London, Scottish, Spanish and American gins is How you drink them to maximise your pleasure Whether there is life beyond the gin & tonic (yes!) The body of the book covers 120 gins which Dave has tested four ways - with tonic, with lemonade, in a negroni and in a martini - and then scored. In addition, each gin is categorised according to an ingenious flavour camp system, which highlights its core properties and allows you to understand how you can best drink it, and therefore enjoy it.
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Rum the Manual

This is a book about how to drink rum of all kinds. It's about classic rums and new-generation rums, about rhum agricole and about premium aged rums, about rums from all over the world. It's about rum enjoyed with cola and ginger beer. About the best rum for a classic daquiri. About rum cocktails that ooze style and personality. Above all, it's about enjoying your rum in ways you never thought possible. The premium rum market is growing at an astonishing rate. The mission of this book is to help drinkers appreciate this complex spirit, find the style they like and discover how this versatile spirit can best be enjoyed. It will help you to understand your rum - how it's produced (whether from molasses, cane syrup or cane juice) and whether it's dry, sweet, fresh or oaky. More than 100 different rums are featured and analysed, from rich, sweet mellow Guyana rums to the vegetal peppery rums of Martinique or Guadeloupe and contemporary spiced rums. Dave Broom provides a description and graded tasting notes for each brand, allowing you to create the perfect mix every time. Finally, a selection of classic and contemporary cocktails shows just how wonderfully versatile this spirit is.
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The Way of Whisky

An in-depth, personal journey around Japan's whisky distilleries. Award-winning author and Japanese whisky expert, Dave Broom, tells their story and unveils the philosophy that lies behind this fascinating whisky culture, and how it relates to many Japanese concepts. Dave looks at the history and output of each distillery, considering the elements that make that particular whisky what it is, and including tasting notes. Features on aspects of Japanese life and culture that are crucial to a wider understanding, from the importance of the seasons to the role of craftsmanship, add to the picture. And interwoven throughout the book is the fascinating narrative of the journey across Japan which Dave made with photographer Kohei Take, offering further insight into the country which creates this wonderful drink and making this a must-have edition for any whisky lover, whisky drinker, whisky collector or Japanophile.
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The World Atlas of Whisky

Award-winning author and whisky expert Dave Broom explores over 200 distilleries and examines over 400 expressions. Detailed descriptions of the Scottish distilleries can be found here, while Ireland, Japan, the USA, Canada and the rest of the world are given exhaustive coverage. There are tasting notes on single malts from Aberfeldy to Tormore, Yoichi (and coverage of the best of the blends). Six specially created 'Flavour Camp Charts' group whiskies by style, allow readers to identify new whiskies from around the world to try. This extrensively updated and extended edition features new material on burgeoning areas, including detailed coverage of many recently opened US craft distilleries, new distilleries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and discussion of the growing whisky scene in Latin America. With over 200 beautiful colour photographs and 21 colour maps locating distilleries and whisky-related sites, this is a stylish celebration of the heritage, romance, craftsmanship and versatility of whisky.
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Gin: How to Drink it

Written by the Fortnum & Mason Drinks Writer of the Year 2020. Updated with more than 80 new gins. With more gin brands available than ever before, you need to know how to choose and get the most out of the brands you buy, understanding their flavours so you drink them in the most delicious way possible. Award-winning spirits writer Dave Broom has tested thousands of gins from all over the world to choose the 125 selected to appear in this book. As well as the gin selection, he has also tasted and scored each one four ways - in a G&T, a negroni, a martini and with lemonade (a gin that's perfect for a martini may be exactly the opposite in a G&T). So not only do you get to drink the world's best gins, you get to drink them in the best possible way.
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