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Ben Dowman


Adventures in Coaching

This enchanting story uses Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to explain personal and business coaching in a magical and entertaining adventure. A host of fanciful characters show readers how to have an effective coaching conversation from start to finish, and to reach real world outcomes in a more transformative way. In this captivating story, Alice finds herself turning into a pizza, going straight to jail on the Monopoly board and embarking on a space flight. Along the way she meets a helpful turtle, a charismatic ladybird and a fox with some personal problems, among a cast of curious characters. Research shows that learning is often better retained when made fun and stimulating. This book delivers the most rigorous and advanced textbook coaching theory, including the GROW model, contracting and feedback, in a uniquely engaging and mesmerising manner. The structure and sequence of the material is based on a tried and tested progression that the author has refined through his training and workshops over many years. This groundbreaking approach to learning to coach will do for coaching what Who Moved My Cheese did for managing change.
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