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Ross Edgley


Blueprint: 365-Day Extreme Training To (Re)Build A Bulletproof Body

Ross Edgley has spent decades perfecting the principles and practice of extreme fitness to achieve the impossible. Following a career-threatening injury in 2018, Ross was forced to reassess his training and take the next steps in a lifelong journey of redefining what the human body is capable of. In Blueprint, Ross shares the cutting-edge training program that empowered him to rebuild his body from surgery and a doctor's gloomy prognosis in just 365 days to complete a world record swim. Whether it's climbing a mountain, swimming the English Channel, or a gruelling triathlon, Blueprint will teach you the tried and tested principles of sports science that have been used for decades by Olympians, explorers and adventurers at the limits of peak physical endurance. Blueprint is Ross Edgley's complete training journey that shows you how to: Divide a 365-day training plan into seasons (winter, spring, summer and autumn) Rebuild your body using evolutionary medicine Build a superhuman work capacity with forgotten Spartan-style training Gain bulletproof resilience through Soviet-inspired strength training Boost your aerobic base with Olympian techniques. Blueprint applies the exact same principles that enabled Ross to complete extreme feats such as the World's Longest Sea Swim, World's Longest Rope Climb, World's Heaviest Triathlon and World's Strongest Marathon. Ross is your elite guide to achieving the impossible in the gym and beyond. Featuring almost 30 tailored workouts for different phases of training, packed with digestible sports science to help you optimise your workouts, and interspersed with Ross' own daring adventures across the world, Blueprint is the ultimate guide to optimising your time and training to make the impossible possible.
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Kde jsou hranice, které skrývá lidská mysl a tělo? 157 dní na moři 2 882 kilometrů 1 nezničitelný člověk Extrémní dobrodruh Ross Edgley se už léta věnuje extrémním experimentům, při nichž se jeho tělo dostává až na samé hranice možností. Stal se prvním člověkem v historii, který obeplaval celou Velkou Británii. Během této epické cesty dlouhé 2 882 kilometrů plaval Ross mezi obřími medúzami, arktickými bouřemi a přes znečištěné lodní trasy plaval tak tvrdě a rychle, až se mu rozpadal jazyk. Ross na své cestě využívá plaveckých zkušeností a podává neuvěřitelné vytrvalostní výkony, díky nimž se mu daří překonat zdánlivě nepřekonatelnou bolest, strádání a nepřízeň osudu. Také studuje výkony extrémních sportovců, vojenských a kondičních specialistů a psychologů, aby odhalil tajemství duševní kondice a prozkoumal koncept odolnosti, vytrvalosti, statečnosti a disciplinovaného myšlení při překonávání nepřízně osudu.
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Audiokniha Umění odolnosti, kterou napsal Ross Edgley. Kde jsou hranice, které skrývá lidská mysl a tělo? - 157 dní na moři - 2 884 kilometrů - 1 nezničitelný člověk Extrémní dobrodruh Ross Edgleyá se už léta věnuje extrémním experimentům, při nichž se jeho tělo dostává až na samé hranice možností. Stal se prvním člověkem v historii, který obeplaval celou Velkou Británii.
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Worlds Fittest Book

How to train for anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere The World's Fittest Book is set to become every fitness enthusiast's bible. Dubbed the body's complete user guide, it will become the go-to resource for learning all you need to know about building muscle, losing fat, eating (healthy) cake and unlocking your superhuman physical potential. Packed with workouts the author tried and tested in the pursuit of multiple world records, it's more than a book, it's the greatest training tool ever written! Designed for anyone who wants to make permanent and lasting changes to their food and fitness, it's the first book to combine the teachings, tips and tricks of Olympic and World Champions into one, easy to follow resource. This book will show you how it's possible to: Live below 10% body fat with the aid of chocolate and Mayan secrets Add 27% more muscle mass, courtesy of tips from world heavyweight champions Increase speed by 10%, thanks to gold medal winning Olympic sprinters Squat, deadlift and bench weights you never dreamed of lifting, with the guidance of the world's strongest men Improve endurance capacity by 60%, thanks to the knowledge of world champions in multi endurance-based sports ...all of which the author has achieved during the 10-year 'Fitness Pilgrimage' that has taken him around the globe. Aiming to be the most eclectic and comprehensive fitness guide ever created, The World's Fittest Book is the sum and substance of over a decade of research and the collective wisdom of some of the greatest minds and athletic bodies in history. By learning the lessons within it, readers will understand 'fitness' better than the vast majority of the population. Every chapter will have an easy to digest workout within it and can be read individually. But if you want to read the stories and the science behind the routines, that's there too. Until now, there hasn't been a book covering such an ambitious range of areas, catering for the casual fitness enthusiast seeking clarity and guidance in their own gym routine and kitchen habits as well as the seasoned sportsperson who's hit a plateau and is searching for tips, tricks and tweaks they can make to their training and diet. This book changes that, and will take you on a journey to whatever level of fitness you want to find.
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The Art of Resilience

Bestselling author and award-winning adventurer Ross Edgley has been studying the art of resilience for years, applying all he has learned to become the first person in history to swim around Great Britain, breaking multiple world records. Now Ross focuses on mental strength, stoicism and the training needed to create an unbreakable body. Ross Edgley famously ran a marathon pulling a 1.4-tonne car and climbed a rope the height of Everest (8,848m), after living with Yamabushi warrior monks in Japan and partaking in Shamanic pain rituals with fire ants in the Amazon jungle. On his epic 1,780-mile journey around Great Britain, which lasted 157 days, Ross swam through giant jellyfish, arctic storms, 'haunted' whirlpools and polluted shipping lanes, going so hard, and so fast, his tongue fell apart. Ross's previous book, The World's Fittest Book, was a Sunday Times bestseller and explored the science of physical fitness. Now, in The Art of Resilience, Ross uses his swim experience and other amazing endurance feats, where he managed to overcome seemingly insurmountable pain, hardship and adversity, to study the performance of extreme athletes, military and fitness specialists and psychologists to uncover the secrets of mental fitness and explore the concept of resilience, persistence, valour and a disciplined mindset in overcoming adversity. This ground-breaking book represents a paradigm shift in what we thought the human body and mind were capable of and will give you a blueprint to become a tougher, more resilient and ultimately better human - whatever the challenge you face.
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