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Fórizs Gergely


Wheres the Dinosaur

LOVE DINOSAURS? THIS BOOK IS DINO-MITE! Prepare to be totally distracted by this exciting new dinosaur-themed, search-and-find adventure. Discover eight devious dinosaurs hiding within each crazy scene as you follow the gang on their 21st Century exploration. Spot Terry the party-loving Pterodactyl at a mad music festival and Rex the Tyrannosaurus at The London Marathon! Don't forget to look out for Steg the space-faring Stegosaurus up among the stars. This 48-page book is suitable for all adventure-loving dino-detectives, young and old alike, from 5 years and upwards. Keep an eye out for exciting hidden extras too - can you find everything? ... just don't be a saur loser if you can't!
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