Michael Fox



Michael J. Fox je známý kanadský herec, který se proslavil především svou rolí v trilogii Návrat do budoucnosti. Neméně úspěšné byli ale i jeho další role ve filmech a televizních seriálech. V roce 1991 mu byla diagnostikována Parkinsonova choroba – to však veřejně ohlásil až o sedm let později. Ve svém autobiografickém románu Klikař vypráví svůj příběh o boji se zákeřnou nemocí, která mu nečekaně zasáhla do života.
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No Time Like the Future

The entire world knows Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, the teenage sidekick of Doc Brown in Back to the Future. His two previous bestselling memoirs, Lucky Man and Always Looking Up, dealt with how he came to terms with the illness, all the while exhibiting his iconic optimism. In No Time Like the Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality, Michael shares personal stories and observations about illness and health, ageing, the strength of family and friends, and how our perceptions about time affect the way we approach mortality. Thoughtful and moving, but with Fox's trademark sense of humour, his book provides a vehicle for reflection about our lives, our loves, and our losses. Running through the narrative is the drama of the medical madness Fox recently experienced, that included his daily negotiations with the Parkinson's disease he's had since 1991, and a spinal cord issue that necessitated immediate surgery. His challenge to learn how to walk again, only to suffer a devastating fall, nearly caused him to ditch his trademark optimism and "get out of the lemonade business altogether." Does he make it all of the way back? Read the book.
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