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Katherine Gleason


Anatomy of Steampunk

Steampunk fashion is hotter than ever with top-name designers (Anna Sui, Prada, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Balenciaga) incorporating Victorian-inspired fashion into their latest cutting-edge designs. The Anatomy of Steampunk is an inspirational fashion sourcebook for would-be steampunks everywhere. Loaded with stunning photography, you'll get tips and ideas from steampunk-styled corsets and gloves to retro-futuristic dresses and mechanical jewelry. Organized by the "look" you're after, get creative new style ideas like "The Aristocrat," "The Explorer," "The Scientist," or "The Futurist." This is steampunk undressed, and you'll discover how to create your own unique look. The best part? The Anatomy of Steampunk has DIY tips for transforming your ordinary, everyday clothing into a sizzling steampunk wardrobe. Discover how a few hooks or clips can transform a loose-fitting dress into a sexy, waist-cinching Victorian gown. Learn why a few strategically placed buttons or swatches of lace can make a blouse go from ordinary to extraordinary. Featuring nearly 200 colour photos and a preface by Diana M. Pho (known in the steampunk community as Ay-leen, the Peacemaker), author of the steampunk blog, Beyond Victoriana, this fashion sourcebook is an absolute must-have for steampunkers everywhere.
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