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35 unikátních projektů, které dokáží plně využít jakýkoliv malý prostor, ať žijete na venkově, nebo ve městě. Zahradničení v nejmenších měřítcích Malinké zahrádky představují zahradničení v nejmenších měřítcích. Bez ohledu na to, jak malý je váš prostor – vnitřní, nebo venkovní, zahrada, balkon, nebo dokonce okenní parapet či stolek – zde najdete originální a inspirativní nápady. Projekty se pohybují od elegantního kapradinového terária a voňavého jarního košíku až po barevné tkané tašky a pytle naplněné veselými letními květy. Kreativní nápady na využití i zdánlivě nepotřebných věcí Čtenářům se představují jedlé zahrady, včetně ovocných keřů zasazených do kuchyňských pánví, a ve vertikální zahradě bylinky na dřevěných schůdkách. Najdete zde nápady pro použití zachráněných kontejnerů, jako je kovová vana plná zeleniny, nádoby na potraviny používané ve vnitřní květinové zahradě a dřevěné zásuvky plněné převislými rostlinami. A na nejobtížnějším konci stupnice jsou ve skořápkách od vajec vytvořeny miniaturní zahrádky! I děti se mohou naučit základní znalosti zahradničení, a to tak, že krok za krokem vytvářejí kouzelné pohádkové zahrady nebo záhadnou dinosauří bažinu. Inspirace ke zdokonalení vašeho okolí Ať už hledáte nápady pro celoroční zeleň, nebo pro letní květiny, chcete pěstovat vlastní zeleninu a bylinky, nebo potřebujete vylepšit váš balkon, tato kniha poskytuje veškerou inspiraci a praktické znalosti, které potřebujete.
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My First Craft Book

Give your kids their first taste of crafting with My First Craft Book, a brilliant introduction to a world of endless creative possibilities. With Emma Hardy's 35 quick and easy ideas aimed at children aged from 7 to 11, there are hours of fun to be had. Every project comes with crystal clear instructions and cute artworks that guide your child through every step to make exciting toys, games, costumes and more. Kids who love to get messy will enjoy all the painting and printing projects, while tiny tailors can learn the basics of sewing by stitching together jewellery, toys and more. You'll find you can make lots of things with just paper and glue in the papercrafts section, and then kids can move onto bigger projects in the costumes section where there are lots of ideas for creative play. There's a whole range of projects using natural and recycled materials, too. Every activity expands your child's knowledge and once they have mastered the basics they can let their imagination run wild and start work on their own craft projects.
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Quilting in No Time

"Quilting in No Time" brings you 50 fantastic, easy-to-follow projects for quilts. At a time when store-bought soft furnishings are becoming increasingly expensive, this great book offers high quality, homemade alternatives at a fraction of the cost. Packed with brilliant ideas for using up scraps of fabrics, original applique designs, fun blocks to stitch together and excellent motifs, this is the must-have guide to quilting gorgeous items for the home.Why not try your hand at making the perfec t throw to put over your couch, or buy some luxurious fabrics to make an oh-so-soft blanket to put in a baby's cot? Every project comes with gorgeous step-by-step illustrations, plus ideas for variations to add your own personal touch to the finished piece. Projects include a picnic blanket, a cosmetics bag, place mats and coasters, a tea cosy, a duvet cover, a child's play mat, a handbag, and an apron, amongst many others. Also included is a useful techniques section with expert advice on fabric selection, binding, sashing, and more.
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Winter Garden

There are plenty of creative ways to bring vitality to your garden, with ideas for planting pots, forcing bulbs, growing winter crops and more. In the first chapter, Stems and Leaves, you will learn how to make a stunning door wreath from succulents, plant a decorative display of miniature conifers, and grow ferns in a reclaimed sink. Add scent to your winter garden with Beautiful Bulbs, where you will find bright hyacinths in glass jars, lily of the valley in jelly moulds, narcissi in white vases and other imaginative ideas. Winter Colour has bright designs such as a window box with winter-flowering pansies, a vivid vertical display of cyclamen, an indoor terrarium with hellebores and violas, and a variety of pots and containers with small-scale shrubs laden with berries. Even the keenest gardener can find it difficult to keep an outside space looking fresh and bright all year round, especially in winter, so whether you want to decorate your entrance with colourful pots, brighten up your balcony or windowsills or grow winter herbs by the kitchen door, you will find "The Winter Garden" packed with ideas and inspiration.
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Tiny Tabletop Gardens

No matter how small your space you will find these 35 projects simple and achievable. Be inspired by Emma Hardy's beautiful ideas for tiny tabletop displays. Why not try some indoor projects for rainy days; plant some little ferns under glass domes, make Japanese moss balls for the roots of some colourful orchids, or why not create a unique water garden in glass goblets? Make use of any outdoor space you have with hanging lantern planters, little place name pots for a party, a tower of plants, and a beautiful chandelier with small planted glasses. The edible plants chapter has easy-to-grow delicious treats including potted blueberries, an alpine strawberry centrepiece and much more. Every project has helpful step-by-step instructions and aftercare tips from expert gardener Emma Hardy, so now even those with a minimum of space can enjoy the benefits and joys of gardening.
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Sewing for Children

Teach your child to sew with this amazing step-by-step guide, filled with 35 fun and easy projects! Suitable for ages 3 and above, Sewing for Children is full of projects that are specially designed to help children learn to sew. Split into five sections, there are projects for every child and every occasion! Jump into the first chapter, `Animals & Other Creatures', and learn how to make all sorts of wild creatures, such as a Wise Old Owl and Sock Monsters! Then, move on to the second section, `Pretty Playthings', and perfect the art of making Mice & Toadstools, Felt Cupcakes and all sorts of fashionable items for a Rag Doll. The `Fashion Fun' chapter is filled with stylish designs and know-how so that you can Embroider Jeans, Applique T-Shirts and even create a Yo-yo Necklace! `Bags, Books & Bedroom Bits 'n' Pieces' provides ample inspiration for bedroom furnishings, including a Tote Bag, a Cardigan Pencil Case and a gorgeous Applique Cushion. Finally, Emma Hardy will take you through some amazing dressing-up projects in `Dressing Up Time'! Morph into a pirate with a Pirate Hat & Patch, or into a fairy with your very own Fairy Wings! Complete with easy-to-follow photography, children will be guided through each project step-by-step, helping little ones learn and have fun at the same time!
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The Urban Wildlife Gardener

'The Urban Wildlife Gardener' is packed with planting ideas and simple gardening techniques to attract birds, bees, butterflies, beneficial bugs and more to your outside space. If you would like to attract wildlife to your garden, you need to learn which plants to grow, how to provide nesting areas, when to prune shrubs or mow the grass and when to leave well alone, how to deal with weeds, how to create a pond for tadpoles and frogs and more. The choice of plants is important, including shrubs which provide berries as food for birds, tall plants to attract bees and dragonflies, trees with nesting areas for birds, flowers to provide pollen for bees, and night-scented plants to attract moths and bats. Follow the insect-friendly ways to keep weeds under control and to deter unwanted visitors such as slugs, and learn how to make organic plant feed. Discover how to turn a pile of logs into a home for ladybirds and other insects, how to plant a hedge to provide cover for small mammals, how to create a pond (no digging involved!), and how to make simple birdhouses and feeders. No matter what size your outside space - from a single windowbox to a full-sized garden - 'The Urban Wildlife Gardener' contains hundreds of easy-to-follow tips and techniques, simple projects, and essential plant know-how.
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Teeny Tiny Gardening

35 unique projects to make full use of any small space you have, whether you live in the country or the city. Teeny Tiny Gardening is horticulture on the smallest of scales. `Emma Hardy has created a book perfect for the novice gardener. Everything is broken down into simple steps, which makes it feel more like a DIY project than a gardening chore' - Design Sponge 'Short on space? Never fear - a new book shows how you can use cake stands, eggshells and even colanders to create tiny container gardens for your home' - Telegraph Gardening No matter how tiny your space - indoor or outdoor, garden, balcony or even a windowsill or tabletop - here you will find original and inspiring ideas. The projects range from an elegant fern terrarium and a scented spring bulb basket to colourful woven bags and sacks filled with cheerful summer blooms. There are edible gardens, including fruit bushes planted in catering-sized kitchen pans and a vertical garden of herbs grown on a wooden stepladder. You will find ideas for using salvaged containers, such as a metal bathtub filled with vegetable plants, food tins used for an indoor garden of wildflowers and wooden drawers filled with trailing plants. And at the teeniest end of the scale, there are miniature tabletop gardens created in eggshells! Children can learn basic gardening skills too, by following the step-by-step photos to make a magical fairy garden or a mysterious dinosaur terrarium. Whether you are looking for ideas for all-year foliage or for a summer display of flowers, wanting to grow your own veggies and herbs, or needing to revamp your balcony, Teeny Tiny Gardening provides all the inspiration and practical knowledge you need.
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