Kiriakos Iosifidis


Mural Art vol.2

Brilliant successor to the original and highly successful Mural Art, this second edition further underlines the theory that art is a form of expression that should not be restricted or limited in any way. These remarkable paintings in public places express human feelings such as protest, passion, resistance, tenderness and violence, all of which are connected to our needs for communication and socialization. Artists featured in Mural Art 2 include Sebastian James, CPAG, Roberto Delgado, ESCIF, PSY, REMED, Stick Up Kids, Macrew, Ken White, XLF Crew, Mr Wany, Gert Neuhaus and many more. All have worked on a monumental scale and used every imaginable technique to transform lifeless gray facades into bright, meaningful and fascinating works of art.
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The Wooden Bicycle - Around the World

Showcasing more than 250 designers from around the world, including craftspeople (many of them renowned bicycle makers), manufacturers and associated organisations, this book dedicates hundreds of pages to beautiful bike designs, illuminating the latest modern trends in specialist bicycle craftmanship. Set out with detailed, distinctive design dialogues from each craftsperson or manufacturer, we learn how wood and bamboo are being enhanced and developed as extremely durable, aesthetically appealing materials, and which are considered sustainable, ecologically viable, user friendly and dynamic across each application. Beautifully illustrated, with historical references and texts by experts in the trade, and backed up with technical engineering knowledge, 'The Wooden Bicycle' is a handy reference for those who have a true passion for the beauty and aesthetics of the modern bicycle in the wooden form, and a strong belief in a more sustainable way of living. AUTHOR: Kiriakos Iosifidis is a writer and editor of works dealing with topics such as the art of public mural painting, and bicycle use and design.Selected works include 'Color of the Cities, On the Road, Chromopolis: Another Aspect of Culture, Mural Art, from Graffiti to Trompe l'oeil, Bikeart,' and 'The Bicycle in Greece, 1880-2012. ' In Greece he is the coordinator of Urbanact and, two groups that aim to promote public mural art and the use of bicycle through varied activities, such as festivals, special school programs, exhibitions, contests and competition activities, civil projects, among many others. The connection between these themes is the active use of open public space and the urban street environment.S ELLING POINTS: * Features a wide range of bike designs, including wooden bikes, bamboo bikes, wooden balance bikes for children, and wooden bike components * Themes are introduced with personal flourishes and comments by designers featured throughout the book, making the text quite accessible to all audiences * Each design is accompanied by a detailed explanatory text that shows the thought process of the designer, the challenges and the benefits of the construction * Includes essays by renowned bike industry aficionados, who impart significant historical background on the advantages of the wooden bicycle, as well as current thoughts on trends * Highly illustrated, with high-quality detailed close-up photography of bikes and their components throughout * Lists a handy reference guide for those looking to source components or design contacts 400 col.
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