Mike Johnson


Supergirl 1

Crash-landing on a strange new planet, Supergirl must come to grips with Krypton's destruction and learn about her own past. But an ingenious foe wants the same information - and will do anything to get it! Collecting issues #1-7 of the DC Comics - The New 52 series!
12,30 € 12,95 €

Superman Batman TP Vol 5

With countless cameos from timeless villains and a major force of evil at work, Superman and Batman are up against some of their toughest battles yet! Saving each other, fighting each other, working with unexpected allies, the superhero duo see it all in this new collection of Mike Johnson and Michael Green's acclaimed run with the series! Collects SUPERMAN/BATMAN #50-63 and SUPERMAN/BATMAN ANNUAL #3.
22,75 € 23,95 €

Blade Runner 2019: Off World

Return to the original world of Blade Runner 2019. From the rain soaked dystopic world of Los Angeles 2019 to the never-before-seen promised land of the Off-World colonies, Replicant-hating Blade Runner Ash' search for the runaway wife and child of a rich industrialist takes her where no other Blade Runner has ever gone before. Ash must deal with the life-changing after-effects of Titan Comics' Blade Runner 2019 storyline - but a powerful new threat puts her life in danger once more.
17,05 € 17,95 €