Barbara Kipfer


14,000 Things to be Happy About

Originally published 25 years ago (happy anniversary!) from a list that Barbara Ann Kipfer started making as a child, it's the book that marries obsession with happiness. And it now has 2,000 fresh and more current reasons to be happy: Rabbit tracks in the snow. Kiteboarding and kitesurfing. Caramel gelato. Scoring super-high on a Scrabble turn. Babies burping. Summer storms. White cupcakes with multicoloured sprinkles. 20 minutes all to yourself.
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4000 Questions for Getting to Know Anyone and Everyone

,000 ways to achieve instant intimacy. With new and updated questions! "What, more than anything, makes you angry? Who were your childhood idols? What kind of leader are you most inclined to follow? "What has happened to the art of conversation? In the age of the Internet, speed dating, and frantic text messaging, have we forgotten how to meaningfully connect? This book of 4,000 provocative questions will help you get to know anyone and everyone in every social situation. Use it to go beyond small talk at parties, networking events, dates, dinner tables, and road trips. It's for getting to know someone you just met and learning a lot more about someone you thought you already knew (who may be yourself). -A perfect social tool for the Internet generation -Features thematic sections on lifestyle choices, pastimes, politics, family, and more -A resource for self-discovery and for journalists and writers doing interviews and developing characters, plots, and story lines
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How Would Buddha Think? 1,501 Right-Intention Teachings for Cultivating a Peaceful Mind

Every word and every action begins with a thought. Negative thoughts based in jealousy, greed, or hatred may seem harmless on the surface. After all, they're only thoughts, right? But while thoughts are only in our head, they often betray our intentions, and can directly shape our actions. So, how can you overcome internal negativity and live more consciously? In How Would Buddha Think?, best-selling author of 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, Barbara Ann Kipfer offers an insightful, modern take on the ancient teaching of Right Intention-an important tenet of the Buddhist Eightfold Path focused on the belief that our intentions drive our actions. With this book as your guide, you'll learn how to move past negative thoughts or ill will toward others and instead focus on altruism, purpose, and self-actualization-qualities needed to help you live a truly happy life.
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The Wish List

A quirky little to-do list for life, a check-off of goals, a wellspring of dreams, thoughts, ideas, things to accomplish, see, do, taste, and experience.
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8789 Words of Wisdom

An essential, obsessive collection of all those wise and quirky sayings we’ve heard before—plus plenty of essential, obscure ones to discover—now all in one place. With words of comfort and motivation, humor and warmth, here are thousands of proverbs, precepts, maxims, adages, and axioms—8,789 of them, to be precise—that prove just as true today as the day they were coined. Polished over years of use, there’s the unexpected, the playful, even the counterintuitive. Learn to unlearn. Appreciate the questions as much as the answers. Stretch beyond what is comfortable. Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment. Every page contains secrets and encouragement to lead a happy, healthy, sane, and productive life; taken altogether, it’s the ultimate source of inspiration for personal growth.
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5,203 Things to Do Instead of Looking at Your Phone

It's time to put down the phone and: visit a botanical garden create a palindrome solve a brainteaser Phone addiction is a modern epidemic. With social media, texting, games, and other apps, it's far too easy to get sucked into an endless spiral of scrolling, wasting hours while missing out on life. So why not: play a board game try a breakfast burrito focus a day on hearing every sound you canBarbara Ann Kipfer, author of 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, Self-Meditation, and other books with more than 2 million copies in print, has a great gift for inspiring us to appreciate the little things in life, especially through her obsessive, mesmerizing lists of ideas that surprise and inspire. Bringing that sensibility to an issue we all struggle with--our phones and how they co-opt one of our greatest assets, our attention--5,203 Things to Do Instead of Looking at Your Phone is a quirky compilation that encourages you to put down your phone and do this richer, more interesting, more meaningful and fulfilling thing instead:make shadow puppets paint a watercolor at dawn notice a beautiful sky
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