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Marie-Catherine La Roche


Calissons Nougats from Le Roy Rene

Delectable history of Provence's traditional sweets, with 25 modern recipes The history of the calisson, a traditional French candy, is said to have begun as early as the middle of the 15th century in the Count of Provence, when confectioners created a new treat made out of Provencal almonds. Centuries later, calissons, along with nougats, are still a part of Provence's gastronomic heritage that is enjoyed today. Calissons Nougats from Le Roy Rene takes us through this history, from the making of the candy with the harvest of almonds and melons to the secrets and stories of the 100-year-old leading French manufacturer Le Roy Rene. The book also features 25 modern, accessible recipes combining calissons, black nougat, and white nougat from five prominent chefs: Laila Aouba, Christophe Felder, Patrice Gelbart, Stephane Jego, and Georgiana Viou. Filled with beautiful photographs, Calissons Nougats from Le Roy Rene gives a taste of these renowned confections in a different yet delectable way.
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