Knižné kamarátstva

Hans Lijklema


Pictoraphic index 1

The Pictographic Index showcases noteworthy contemporary graphic design, illustration and lettering, with a focus on where these disciplines overlap. In addition to examples of the artists’ work, this book contains interviews with several featured artists about their work and creative process. This index is a great resource for inspiration and to keep up-to-date with contemporary design and illustration from around the world.
21,80 € 22,95 €

Design for Music

DESIGNS FOR MUSIC shows a selection of CDs, concert posters and other music-related work designed by 25 artists from around the world. As with the first volume, there is a focus on work in which disciplines like graphic design, illustration and lettering overlap. The book contains interviews with a number of artists - such as Rian Hughes (Device), Jorge Alderete, Invisible Creature and Andersen M Studio - about their work and their relation with music. This book includes a free sampler (Audio)CD with several tracks of music by the designers featured in the book or the musicians for whom they have designed work.
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