Jamie Manners


The Seven Noses of Soho

Among the great cities of the world, London's inimitable character is striking. Unconstrained by a house style and strict planning, it has thrived, with each generation adding new chapters and details to its gripping story. The streets of London have always shown a tumult of different influences, just like the teeming crowds who live and work in them. Every age has left its mark and competes for your attention. In an age when the city's skyscrapers are getting bigger and bigger, it can be truly rewarding to go in pursuit of the small stuff. While the masses crowd around icons such as St Paul's and the Tower, there are other layers of London that are often overlooked. Investigate that blue plaque across the road and you may well find that one of your heroes lived there. Look up at the menacing gargoyles overhead and discover tales of revenge. Eschew the overpriced gastropubs in the leafy suburbs, and find that they back on to the ghost platform of an abandoned railway. These details are what gives London such a human face and The Seven Noses of Soho showcases some of these lesser-known oddities that hide in plain sight. Next time you are making for the nearest Tube station in rush hour, why not step beyond the crowds for a moment - you may be surprised to discover some very different London stories.
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