Hazel Maskell


Children's Picture Atlas of Animals

This is a new edition, fully revised and updated with a new jacket. It is a beautifully illustrated atlas to help young children explore the world and the animals that inhabit it. Maps show all the countries of the world, arranged by continent, with illustrations to show where different animals live. Simple, engaging text introduces children to different types of animals, their behaviour and their habitats. It includes animal spotting activities, fascinating animal facts and quiz at the end of the book.
13,25 € 13,95 €

Big Book Of Big Animals

A fabulous book of enormous animals, including huge elephants, gigantic squids, hefty hippopotamuses and the colossal blue whale. Huge fold-out pages reveal the tallest, heaviest, and most dangerous animals in the world.
12,30 € 12,95 €

A Year in Nature

A Year in Nature is a beautiful, unique introduction to the seasons. The book opens out into a stunning four-part carousel, revealing intricately detailed pop-up scenes of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Follow a family of foxes as the tiny cubs grow up through the year, and explore the woodland scenes to discover animals, trees, plants and flowers. The woodland is vividly brought to life by Eleanor Taylor's rich, distinctive illustrations. show less
20,85 € 21,95 €

The Usborne Big book of Big Animals

A great big book crammed with huge illustrations and facts about some of the biggest animals on the planet. Each gorgeously illustrated double page is arranged in exciting themes, including the largest creepy crawlies, most dangerous animals and biggest m
14,25 € 15,00 €