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Nikita Mathias


Edvard Munch. Life Expressions

Edvard Munch was a visionary and obsessive artist who would not rest until he had captured human existence in its entirety, both in its beauty and in its inner conflicts and contradictions. Today, paintings such as Madonna, The Scream and Vampire are known worldwide and shared online and on social media in the millions. Munch has become a part of popular culture. Featuring fascinating facts about Munch's life and works, this volume is generously illustrated and includes paintings throughout Munch’s career. Table of Contents Between the Clock and the Bed • Affected • ‘It is My Decision Now to Become a Painter’ • Microcosm Kristiania • ‘Hurray vive la France!’ • Love’s Awakening • A Scandalous Man • Breakthrough with a Bang • Lonely in Saint-Cloud • ‘Open the Windows!’ • ‘I could not have a better form of publicity’ • Shock Waves in Berlin • Welcome to ‘The Black Piglet’ • Screams • The Artist with the Skeleton Arm • Standing on a Giant’s Shoulders • ‘Like a Ghost I Leave You’ • Back in Business • ‘My Sick Soul in Your Music’ • Fear and Loathing in Weimar • Rock Bottom At Last • ‘A Good Place to Be’ • Munch Monumental • Ekely • The Taxman and Other Let-Downs • The Models and Their Artist • Catching Ghost • Protected by Guardians • The Beginning
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