Graham McCallum


4000 Alphabet and Letter Motifs

The next in the bestselling series for all crafters and designers - 4000 stunning motifs of initials and whole alphabets - provided in book form and also on the accompanying CD. Like all of his previous motif books, the author provides alphabets and initials in a range of historic fonts and scripts. He also presents Roman alphabets that show the influence of other cultures, such as Cyrillic (Russian/Slavonic) scripts and Rune letters. But unique alphabets and elaborate initials - created by the author himself - are also featured to make up a great sourcebook for all those working in the creative field. Author Graham McCallum's fine draughtsmanship makes this large resource of motifs an essential addition to the library of every designer and crafter, whether they are a needleworker, quilter, glass painter or woodworker. All the images are free to be copied for further creative work.
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5000 Flower and Plant Motifs

The most comprehensive motif design resource for all kinds of creative work. Whether you're a graphic designer, a stitcher, woodworker, ceramicist or tattooist, this book has over 5000 floral and plant motifs, providing a range of designs for use or inspiration. A huge number of the motifs come in historical styles, including Ancient Greek and Roman, Egyptian, Gothic, Islamic, Chinese, Japanese, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco. It includes border motifs, simple plant motifs plus elaborate plant compositions. All hand-drawn by accomplished artist Graham McCallum, these motifs provide the best creative resource today.
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Calming Colouring: Pattern

Immerse yourself in the wonders of complex, stunning patterns and feel the tension ease from your body and mind. From spellbinding grids and Art Nouveau florals to Japanese waves and medieval motifs, these images await your personal touch the hues you love, the medium (pen, pencil, paint) you prefer."
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