Ross Mccammon


Works Well with Others

A hilarious and indispensable guide to the weirdness of the workplace from "Esquire" editor and "Entrepreneur" etiquette columnist Ross McCammon Ten years ago, Ross McCammon made an incredible and unexpected transition from working at an in-flight magazine in suburban Dallas to landing his dream job at "Esquire" in New York. What followed was a period of almost debilitating anxiety and awkwardness interspersed with minor instances of professional glory as McCammon learned how to navigate the workplace while feeling entirely ill-equipped for achieving success in his new career. "Works Well with Others" is McCammon s relentlessly funny and soberingly insightful * journey from impostor to authority, a story that reveals the workplace for what it is: an often absurd landscape of ego and fear guided by social rules that no one ever talks about. By mining his own experiences at the magazine, McCammon provides advice on everything from firm handshakes to small talk in elevators to dealing with jerks and underminers. Here is an inspirational new way of looking at your job, your career, and success itself; an accessible guide for those of us who are smart, talented, and ambitious but who aren t well- leveraged and don t quite feel prepared for success . . . or know what to do once we ve made it. *"Entertainment Weekly"
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