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Meghan O'Rourke


World Out of Reach: Dispatches from Life under Lockdown

In beautifully written and powerfully thought prose, A World Out of Reach offers a crucial record of COVID-19 and the cataclysmic spring of 2020-a record for us and for posterity-in the arresting voices of poets, essayists, scholars, and health care workers. Ranging from matters of policy and social justice to ancient history and personal stories of living under lockdown, this vivid compilation from The Yale Review presents a first draft of one of the most tumultuous periods in recent history.

Katie Kitamura * Laura Kolbe * Nitin Ahuja * Rena Xu * Alicia Christoff * Miranda Featherstone * Maya C. Popa * Major Jackson * John Witt * Octavio Luiz Motta Ferraz * Joan Naviyuk Kane * Nell Freudenberger * Briallen Hopper * Brandon Shimoda * Yusef Komunyakaa * Laren McClung * Eric O'Keefe-Krebs * Sean Lynch * Millicent Marcus * Meghana Mysore * Rachel Jamison Webster * Emily Ziff Griffin * Rowan Ricardo Philips * Kathryn Lofton * Monica Ferrell * Russell Morse * Randi Hutter Epstein * Noreen Khawaja * Victoria Chang * Joyelle McSweeney * Khameer Kidia * Emily Greenwood * Elisa Gabbert * Emily Bernard * Hafizah Geter * Emily Gogolak * Roger Reeves
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